Alternative solution for challenging reservoir conditions 

Halliburton SandStim acidizing fluid service is designed for sandstone formations and can be used in matrix stimulation, removing damage caused by carbonates, drilling fluids, clays and other aluminosilicates from gravel-pack completions, and filter-cake removal applications.

The service is specially designed to be able to be used in high temperature formations, wells that cannot be treated with HCl-based HF fluids, or wells with a high or uncertain carbonate content.

Safer and simpler HF acidizing fluid

SandStim service uses a chelant-based fluid system for stimulating sandstone formations. The fluid system requires fewer preflush stages and fewer blend components than traditional HF acid blends. The system contains readily biodegradable components and is easier to work with operationally. By reducing the number of preflush stages, significant time and cost savings can be achieved.

Halliburton SandStim acidizing fluid service
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More versatility and better performance

SandStim service has better stabilizing properties than conventional acids and minimized emulsion and sludge tendencies. The system can be used to remove damage from a formation with less risk of rock deconsolidation compared to highly acidic fluids, like high-strength HCl-based HF blends. SandStim service can withstand high bottomhole temperatures, up to 350°F.


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