Designed for fluid understanding

Placing wells in the most productive zone requires understanding the fluids in the reservoir. The ResiStar® service from Sperry Drilling provides multi-frequency, compensated measurements with downhole environmental corrections for accurate resistivity in all drilling environments. 

Enhanced resistivity measurements

The ResiStar service provides industry-leading resistivity measurements, building on the latest generation of downhole electronics and novel antenna designs used across our comprehensive range of resistivity services such as the EarthStar® Ultra-Deep Resistivity Service.

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Enhanced resistivity measurments in every drilling environment 

The ResiStar service uses two frequencies and three compensated spacings, reducing borehole rugosity effects on the measurement quality. Significantly increased sensitivity combined with comprehensive environmental corrections deliver accurate measurements in all operating environments to cover the widest possible range of formations and provide input to advanced petrophysical analyses.

Precise reserves evaluation

Delivering highly accurate conventional resistivity measurements and enabling precise reserves evaluation, detailed formation delineation, and improved reservoir understanding.


  • Receive accurate resistivity measurements across a wide range of Rt and Rm
  • Improve understanding of reservoir fluids
  • Obtain multiple depths of investigation, minimizing borehole effects in large boreholes
  • Acquire robust measurements in every downhole environment


  • Phase and attenuation resistivities from three spacings and two frequencies
  • Low-noise electronics
  • Ruggedized antenna design
  • Comprehensive environmental corrections
  • Downhole mud resistivity measurement
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