Relief well planning and trajectory design services

Drilling a relief well involves establishing direct communication with the target well  to intercept at a specific downhole location. Meticulous planning using Compass™ software, from the Landmark Engineering Data Model (EDM) platform, is the industry standard and the most comprehensive drilling data management solution in the market today.


Feasible interception strategy
Feasible interception strategy

Feasible interception strategy

By using integrated workflows, we gain productivity during the relief well planning process that allows for an effective dynamic kill process once hydraulic communication is established.

Well design services

When surface intervention options pose unacceptably high risks, our relief well-design services provide safe and effective options. We handle your relief well needs with precision and expertise., through:

  • Accurate trajectory planning and rapid implementation in an emergency​
  • Optimization of all facets of relief well drilling​
  • Provision of detailed and comprehensive plans​
  • Seamless integration of Halliburton services​
  • and 40 years of experience​

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