Cleaning tool on-demand 

The Pulsonix TFA (Tuned Frequency and Amplitude) Bypass is a variant of the field-proven Pulsonix® TFA tool. Designed to be run above a lower tool assembly, allowing the operator to pump fluid to a tool below the fluidic oscillator assembly without any flow exiting through the upper ports.

When desired to activate the tool, the bypass sleeve may be opened, diverting flow to the Pulsonix TFA tool for treatment fluid placement. This tool eliminates the need to trip out and back in the hole between the two operations.

Remove deposits, stimulate high-permeability formations, and optimize

Key benefits

  • Eliminates a trip out/in to change over to treatment fluid placement
  • Generous ½” ID results in only a 1,000 psi pressure drop at 4 ½ bpm when closed
  • Segregates flow paths to isolate sections of the tool assembly
  • Compatible with any non-abrasive fluid » Robust design enables compatibility with torque transmitting tools

Main features

  • Inner sleeve assembly to direct flow
  • Modified Pulsonix TFA insert
  • 4 oscillator flow ports for comprehensive coverage of the wellbore

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