Take control of unwanted fluid production from fractured formations

Backed by Halliburton reservoir- focused conformance control engineering and technology, Matrol is a custom water and gas shutoff system for fractured formations. This economical gel system is highly effective at plugging the targeted fractures, blocking flow of unwanted fluids from producing wells, or stopping injection of fluids into thief zones.

Easily customized to any reservoir conditions

Matrol utilizes a polymer concentration that is extremely customizable from low to high polymer concentrations. This allows for larger job volumes, which may be required in extensive fracture networks, by utilizing lower polymer concentrations in the early stages.

In addition, for producing wells, the Matrol gel system can be combined with other Halliburton gel systems, such as H2Zero® conformance service or EquiSeal® conformance service, which provide rigid/ringing gels in the near-wellbore region.


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