15,000 psi open water mechanical and hydraulic intervention system

Halliburton, in alliance with Trendsetter Engineering, gives the industry a more efficient, high-pressure and low-cost alternative for open water mechanical and hydraulic intervention. Distinguishing capabilities include safe access to wells up to 15,000 psi, reliable and responsive controls technology, and integration with Halliburton’s product and services.

Introducing the Trident-OVS Light Well Intervention System

Halliburton and Trendsetter explain the unique features, applications, and benefits for global operators.

Introducing the Trident-OVS Light Well Intervention System

Modes – riserless, riser-based, and stimulation


ft. rated water depth


psi-rated working pressure


in. production bore access

The Trident-OVS light will intervention system offers big benefits to intervention operations

  • 15,000 psi riserless pressure control head
  • Responsive, reliable controls and ball valves
  • Emergency shutdown and emergency disconnect capabilities
  • Reduced technical and operational risks equating to less downtime
  • Increased environmental safety when accessing high-pressure wells
  • Less complexity when performing workover interventions
  • Lower internal operator costs due to Halliburton-provided project management 

Field-proven technologies

  • Halliburton Veto™ ball valves
  • Trendsetter Sentinel® control system
  • Trendsetter TCS® connectors

Integrated well intervention services

A combined solution integrates an assortment of Halliburton products and services that complement those of the operator to meet specific project objectives. The chosen services are optimized by an integrated Halliburton project management team responsible for oversight of the project. 

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