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Kick modeling is a critical part of well design. Our team evaluates various factors, including the casing seat design, wellbore integrity, and surface conditions during well control incidents. We use a dynamic and fully transient multiphase software flow simulator to provide data for project planning and exeuction.

We analyze general kick tolerance, pit gain, pressure at the choke, pressure at the shoe, and free and dissolved gas profiles to determine whether it is safe to circulate the kick out of the well. Our simulations provide insights that help us make decisions to ensure the safety of operations.

Simulation and sensitivity analysis
Simulation and sensitivity analysis

Simulation and sensitivity analysis

We use Drillbench™ software for performing advanced kick tolerance to assist in designing and evaluating the well program. The software considers gas solubility in the drilling fluid and calculates the percentage of gas in the wellbore during the well control incident.​

Optimal decision making​

Drillbench software provides data that experts can use for detailed analysis, including:

  • Pit gain​
  • Pump pressure​
  • Free and dissolved gas profiles​
  • Pressure at the casing shoe​
  • Gas rate out of the wellbore​
  • Choke pressure

Advanced kick modeling provides kick tolerance based on maximum gas influx volume without formation breakdown. The Drillbench software suite also evaluates the rig equipment's kick tolerance handling capability. The result of the simulation and sensitivity analyses assist in evaluating the drilling program and post-evaluation of well control incidents.


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