Simplify your hydrajetting operations

Halliburton offers a unique soluble particulate material for cutting, perforating, and removing hard scales. Hydra-Brade is an acid soluble abrasive material allowing for easier cleanup and greater control over targeted cuts.

For optimal results, Hydra-Brade soluble particles may be paired with Halliburton service tools, such as the Hydra-Blast® Pro or Hydra-Jet™ TS services.

Tackle challenges across a variety of well scenarios:

  • Production wells: Hydra-Brade soluble particles may be used as an effective method of removing scales, including insoluble deposits, such as barium sulfate (BaSO4). It can be used to effectively scour away these deposits, without damaging the completion string.
  • Complex completions in need of perforations or cuts to be made within an inner string, but not an outer string: Hydra-Brade soluble particles may be used to reliably cut through the targeted completion component without risk of damaging or cutting through the completion elements beyond the target.
  • For any application where cutting, scouring, or temporary diversion may be needed: Hydra-Brade soluble particles can be used as an effective alternative. Residual material left in the well may simply be dissolved, rather than requiring a secondary removal.

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