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HindSight 20/20 is our analytics system supporting continuous improvement in well construction. This expansive decision-making platform delivers intelligent well design by digitally enabling our technology and processes, shown below. Baroid maintains an expansive database of technical and operational characteristics and insights for well construction fluids around the world.

HindSight 20/20 taps into the BaraLogix™ Platform database and connects near real-time data from well operations. Data visualizations create otherwise unseen insights and drive decisions. 

HindSight helps deliver custom fluids programs that maximize wellbore value.

HindSight 20/20


  • Secure access
  • Comprehensive mud property analytics
  • Inventory and volume visibility

HindSight 20/20


  • Real-time analyses visible to office and wellsite personnel
  • Increase speed to solutions based on real-time and historical data, as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning 
  • Rapid deployment and setup available
  • Ensure security of supply based on inventory and volume visibility

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BaraLogix™ Platform

BaraLogix™ Platform

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