Improve production profiles
and well life

Halliburton WaterWeb service uses unique polymer chemistry to help create oil-water separation in the reservoir, impeding water flow, and enhancing hydrocarbon flow to the wellbore. With our WaterWeb service, the resulting improved oil/gas recovery potential stems from a reduced water column which improves natural lift for the residual oil and/or gas. In addition, it helps justify prolonged and sustained production by enhancing reservoir drainage.

Expert solutions for water source problems

Our WaterWeb service works by adsorbing onto the rock surface, reducing effectively permeability to water by more than 90% with little to no damage to hydrocarbon permeability. In effect, WaterWeb creates resistance that holds back water while allowing oil and gas to pass freely.


  • Reduce water production
  • Increase hydrocarbon production
  • Reduce costs associated with produced water
  • Extend the economic producing life of the well
  • Increase recoverable reserves

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