SPECTRUM® e-Orienter 

Halliburton SPECTRUM e-ORIENTER offers a new level of precision for downhole orientation. Integration with SPECTRUM FUSION enables real-time interface with the tools downhole. 

Direct control of the orientation of the lower BHA ensures operational precision for applications such as oriented perforating, lateral entry, whipstock alignment, and more. It has plug and play integration and runs with SPECTRUM FUSION and 360.  

Electric Orienting Tool

Direct control

The sensor tools incorporated into SPECTRUM FUSION augment the operation by providing depth correlation with gamma ray and CCL, as well as the tool face sensor to provide a downhole point of reference for accurate orientation. Flow-through capability enables circulation to oriented tool assemblies to support combined applications in a single run, such as wellbore cleaning, fluid displacement, spotting chemicals, quenching, and circulating balls to the BHA or pressure activation.


  • Full circulation to lower BHA
  • Real-time time telemetry and continuous power supply via cable link
  • Precise control enables movement to within 1 degree of incremental rotation
  • Intuitive user interface for reporting and control of downhole orientation
  • Real-time electronic control of BHA orientation
  • Precise alignment enabled by integrated tool-face sensor



Plug and play operation

Plug & play integration with the SPECTRUM FUSION tool system enables efficient make-up on surface without the need for complex splicing operations; simply connect and go. The SPECTRUM 360 camera can be seamlessly integrated into the tool assembly, should the need for downhole visualization be factored into the application. A standard 1.5” AMMT pin at the lower end of the BHA offers a versatile connection point for a wide array of lower tool assemblies for orientation downhole.

Electric Orienting Tool

Electric Orienting Tool

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