Get optimized performance with BaraMesh® shaker screens 

Finding the right balance between cost and performance requires attention to detail and a strict focus on efficiency. BaraMesh® shale shaker screens incorporate unique engineering and top-quality materials to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your solids control systems while protecting your operating budget. We can help you choose the right screens to optimize your projects, regardless of shaker manufacturer, screen size, or cut point targets. 

Engineered, high-efficiency screens for every project 

Halliburton Baroid has a range of technologies and services to ensure that you extend the life of your fluids and maximize rates of penetration. BaraMesh® Shale shaker screens solids removal can have a significant effect upon all aspects of drilling operations, ranging from lower fluid maintenance costs to reduced nonproductive time. Poor screen selection can result in additional expenditures and can have a direct negative impact on the efficiency of drilling operations. 

Improve solids removal and flow rates 

BaraMesh® screens utilize an engineered, rectangular mesh and a three-layer design to maximize efficiency. The approximately 1.6:1 wire aspect ratio maintains cut points and conductivity. Fully compliant with the API RP 13c specifications, BaraMesh® screens can help you improve solids removal and flow rates while reducing the risk of screen blinding. 

Increase screen life and lower overall cost 

Every BaraMesh® screen is designed and manufactured to stringent quality standards. The increased wire diameter and stainless steel backing plate and frame help provide up to 25% longer screen life than traditional OEM options. BaraMesh® screens are readily available for most standard shakers and can be custom-designed for non-standard shaker options on request. No matter what equipment you have on site, there is a BaraMesh® option to help reduce the number of screens required to complete the job and lower overall screen costs.