The GEM elemental analysis service offers a precise evaluation of complex mineralogies

The GEM tool calculates elemental concentrations by employing an oxides closure methodology, which is used to estimate precise mineral volumes. These elemental concentrations can be applied to establish stratigraphic correlations well to well.


  • Improves accuracy of integrated petrophysical analysis 
  • Precisely estimates mineral fractions, such as gypsum or anhydrite, carbonate, coal, pyrite, salt, siderite, quartz, feldspar, mica, and clay from complex formation analysis 
  • Provides matrix-density values for more accurate porosity calculation 
  • Estimates accurate photoelectric absorption (Pe) from GEM elemental data in wells drilled with heavy mud (barite) where conventional Pe measurement is not possible from density tools 
  • Improves permeability estimates based on mineralogy 
  • Offers a quick cool down of the eutectic heat sink for rapid job turnaround
  •  Allows direct comparision of XRF elemental data from Ingrain* 
  • Calibrates mineral model using XRD/FTIR data from Ingrain* 
  • Provides borehole shielding for reduced sensitivity to borehole fluids

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