Regain full access to inoperable valves

Boots & Coots 15K gate-valve drilling unit is specially designed to drill or enlarge gate valves or ball valves that have become inoperable and threaten well integrity.

The gate-valve drilling unit, which is pneumatically or hydraulically operated, allows access to the wellbore for carrying out interventions and has extended stroke for drilling through multiple valves. The highly mobile unit has a small footprint and is adaptable for both offshore and onshore applications.


  • Provide full bore access by milling through horizontal side outlet valves (SOV) and vertically through production tree valves​
  • Gain access to casing annuli that previously had no access
  • Drillout and recover two-way check valves, back pressure valves, and other stuck components
  • Capable of drilling, milling, or cutting valves that are fully or partially closed​
  • Adaptable for offshore or onshore applications​


  • Custom-designed mills with proven high penetration rates, reduced milling time, and reduction of debris
  • Rigless solution that is highly mobile with a small footprint​
  • Unit is pressure rated to 15,000 psi​
  • Pneumatic or hydraulically driven​
  • Choke and kill spools enable immediate kill or well bleed-off​
  • Operates in live-well conditions in temperatures ranging from
    0 to 250ºF (121.1ºC) in H2S conditions​

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