Reduce friction and optimize viscosity for effective stimulation treatments

FightR friction reducers effectively reduce friction and provide viscosity, which leads to efficient and successful stimulation treatments. Friction reducers play a critical role in fracture operations because they reduce resistance between the fluid, the wellbore, and the fractured formation. They help overcome the resistance encountered during fluid injection, which creates longer, more extensive fractures. By using products that have viscosity in addition to friction-reduction performance, you can achieve better proppant suspension and transport, reducing the potential for screen-outs that may lead to higher operating costs. 

When large volumes of fluid pump at high pressures into the wellbore, FightR friction reducers provide outstanding viscosity performance in demanding environments. Coupled with advanced testing, our experts will ensure high friction reduction and viscosity levels to deliver proppant deeper into the reservoir. FightR friction reducers improve pumping efficiency by reducing the pressure drop caused by friction, which means using less energy required to pump the fluid. Improved efficiency translates into cost savings for pumping equipment and energy consumption.


FightR Friction Reducers

Features and benefits

  • Effective friction reduction, hydration, and cleanup
  • High levels of friction reduction with low water salinity characteristics (up to 25,000 parts per million of total dissolved solids)
  • Rapid and efficient hydration in low-salinity waters
  • Controlled polymer break and efficient cleanup to help provide more extensive flowing stimulated reservoir volume

FightR friction reducer
FightR friction reducer

More efficient pump rates with advanced testing


Customized stimulation treatment


Competitive portfolio, lower treatment costs


Advanced polymer break and cleanup

Avoid premature settling and achieve effective proppant transport

FightR friction reducers provide outstanding viscosity performance in more demanding environments because they target specific job designs and reservoir conditions. Whether it's the ability to provide viscosity to carry higher proppant concentrations farther into the formation or to provide high levels of friction reduction in low-salinity waters at reduced concentrations, FightR friction reducers outperform conventional versions. 

Lower friction pressure to achieve desired pump rates 

A lack of viscosity can hinder proppant movement and reduce fracture conductivity, limiting the flow of hydrocarbons. Our high-performing FightR friction reducers help to lower friction pressure, allowing you to achieve desired pump rates. 

A friction reducer needs to be selected appropriately to deliver effective performance, which is why our FightR friction reducers portfolio is complemented by an extensive, top-tiered screening process. Leveraging in-house technical expertise, we can recommend products that maximize performance while lowering treatment costs.

During the screening process, we verify compatibility to prevent the fluid system from failing or losing friction performance, which can lead to elevated risk, costs, and inefficient operations. We also gain insights into how the friction reducer will perform by conducting a series of laboratory tests including friction flow loop, rheology, and regained permeability testing.



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