Unprecedented blending performance

Halliburton ExpressBlend™ system provides unprecedented performance and reliability for demanding shale-fracturing treatments. Repairs during treatment typically create delays and increase nonproductive time (NPT) due to full unit swaps. The advanced, rugged design of the ExpressBlend fluid management system helps reduce NPT during shale fracturing treatments to improve completion efficiency.

Expressblend fluid management system
Fluid management system

ExpressBlend fluid management system

Advanced, rugged design

With long-term performance top of mind, the redesigned ExpressBlend system meets the challenge of intense pumping hours and higher rates, to reduce NPT associated with maintenance and repairs.


ExpressBlend eLECTRIC Fluid Management System

All-Electric Frac Site

From the pump to the wireline unit, the fleet is fully powered by electricity – removing engines, transmissions, and radiators from location, resulting in less maintenance, longer equipment life, and less NPT.

All-Electric Frac Site

Maximum BPM rate


Maximum sand rate


Split flow rates (Clean/Dirty)


Flush redundancy rate and pressure

Designed to meet extreme fracturing demands

Today’s shale fracturing treatments have stretched the abilities of legacy blending systems to the extreme. The redesigned ExpressBlend fluid management system provides significantly longer-term performance and reduced NPT. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Fewest proppant transfer points in the industry, which eliminates regulated dust emissions
  • Integrated operations center outside of pressure, chemical, and proppant zones
  • Full onsite/offsite remote control capability
  • Simplified maintenance access
  • Redundant systems
  • Hammerless connections, which reduces the overall risk of health, safety, or environmental (HSE) exposures
  • Non-radioactive proppant concentration measurements
  • Touchless additive bins
  • Eliminates dust and failure points at tub/tub level sensor and valve
  • Gravity-fed dry friction reducers

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