Improving drilling performance and efficiency

Drilling measurements need to be monitored and analyzed by drilling specialists and adapted accordingly by adjusting drilling parameters to help improve drilling performance and efficiency, and ultimately reduce well time.

Combining technologies and expertise

DrillFact™ real-time monitoring service combines the technologies and expertise  to deliver enhanced results above standard mud logging services. 

Monitor key drilling parameters

Various sensors and software packages with measurements like e hookload, rotary speed, torque, rate of penetration, pit level sensors, various flow monitors, fluid density, and temperature are utilized.

Hydraulics monitoring and analysis service

Hydraulics monitoring and analysis is apart of the DrillFact service that utilizes a unique suite of sensors, along with specialized software to indicate early warnings about the well.

Minimize drilling uncertanity

By combining our real-time service, mud logging experts, and technical expertise, DrillFact helps operators reduce well time, minimize drilling uncertainties, and lower costs to maximize the value of their assets in a wide range of drilling environments.

Beneifts include:

  • Minimizes flat time and nonproductive time  by monitoring the drilling measurements and adapting to the drilling parameters accordingly

  •  Improves drilling performance and efficiency through real-time hydraulics monitoring and analysis 

  • Decreases drilling uncertainties and risks by detecting drilling anomalies early and with real-time pore pressure trend analysis

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