Fracture multiple stages in cased hole wells

With CobraMax DM service, we can place an unlimited number of high-intensity fracturing stages in a horizontal section with the flexibility of on-demand, downhole changes in proppant concentration. CobraMax DM service uses high-rate pumping of non-abrasive fluid down the annulus. The fluid is mixed downhole with low-rate proppant concentrate slurries pumped through the tubing. 

Perforating and stimulation in a single run

CobraMax DM includes a special bottomhole assembly that features the Hydra-Jet™ TS perforating tool and a mixing sub to provide homogeneous slurries when pumping proppant concentrate fluids through coiled tubing. Real-time, downhole changes to proppant concentration helps achieve optimum stimulated reservoir volume and connectivity to a larger fracture network. 


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