Maximize wellbore stability by ensuring effective clay inhibition through tracking and taking direct measurements vs. following an assumed product concentration.

Drill longer hole sections without the need to back ream due to clay swelling. Reduce washout, packoff around the BHA, and enhance solids control efficiency.

Reduce Environmental Impact and the CO2 footprint by reusing fluids, achieving lower waste management costs and in some cases eliminating oil-based mud cuttings.

BaraHib Gold

World Oil Awards - 2022 Winner

Best Oilfield Fluids and Chemicals Award


  • Track Shale Inhibitors​
  • Improve Operational Reliability​
  • Reduced Environmental Impact​
    • Reuse fluids with confidence​
    • Eliminate NAF cuttings


  • ​Drill Longer with Less Dilution​
  • Maximize Drilling Efficiency ​
  • Lower Well Costs​
    • Lower CO2 footprint​
    • Reduce waste handling  

Technical Paper

Customized High-Performance Water-Based Mud Delivers Superior Results

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Technical Paper

Environmentally Acceptable Shale Inhibitors for HPWBM

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Drilling & Completion Fluids

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