Separation solutions for maximum fluid performance 

Halliburton Baroid has a range of separation technologies and services to help clear unwanted solids from your circulating system to extend the life of fluids and maximize wellbore value. The BaraH2O™ Slop Treatment Unit provides environmentally responsible alternatives to shipping wastewater to shore. Our experienced engineering team carefully considers your requirements and constraints to deliver proactive and customized separation systems. 

Rig-site slop treatment to minimize costs and HSE risk

The BaraH2O™ Slop Treatment Unit is highly efficient, and can treat a range of oily water slop produced on a rig—at the source. Clean water from the unit can be discharged directly into the environment or reused in your pit washing operations.

Easy installation and flexible operation 

The BaraH2O™ Slop Treatment Unit comes fully enclosed in a 20-foot container. It is engineered for flexible placement wherever space is available. Electric and air supply lines are easy to access. The unit does not need to run continuously, but can be operated only when required, such as when slop volume in the tank reaches a predetermined level. The BaraH20 unit is extremely efficient and solids tolerant. .

Reduce transportation of slops sent onshore for treatment 

Reducing overall disposal volumes can help minimize or eliminate transportation costs and liability, while reducing reliance on onshore options for final waste disposal. The BaraH2O™ Slop Treatment Unit will significantly reduce slop sent onshore for treatment by up to 95%.

Demonstrated Results for Three Rigs 

  Rig 1 Rig 2 Rig 3
Operating Duration 506 days  87 days  88 days 
Treated Slop Volume (m³) 19,447 1,959 3,164 
Slop Sent to Shore (m³) 1,506 96 312
Treated Slop Discharged at Sea (m³) 17,971 1,863 2,852
Reduction in Slop Sent to Shore 92% 95% 90%