Continuous Production Stream Flow

Halliburton’s professionals help ensure successful flow of the production stream—from the reservoir to the point of sale. We have the right chemicals and processes to mitigate flow assurance challenges associated with paraffins, asphaltenes, hydrates and scale.

Paraffin Inhibitors

Halliburton offers paraffin treatments, such as crystal modifier type inhibitors, dispersants and solvents, to help control deposition, thus keeping your production running smoothly.


  • Reduce or eliminate paraffin deposits in vessels, improving operation
  • Reduce or eliminate paraffin induced flowline restrictions, providing flow assurance
  • Reduce or eliminate paraffin induced pads at separator interfaces, improving vessel control and operation
  • Reduce or eliminate downhole paraffin depositions, increasing production
  • Reduce the pour point of paraffinic crude oils to meet contract specifications or improve flow

Asphaltene Inhibitors

Halliburton has a wide selection of asphaltene inhibitors, dispersants and specialty chemical solutions to treat asphaltene stability related issues. These solutions provide a customized chemical application process that will help mitigate the risks related to the production of unstable asphaltenic crude. Our tailored specialty chemicals will maximize the uptime and keep operations running as smoothly as possible.


  • Reduce the precipitation of asphaltenes from crude oil
  • Maximize production potential by preventing deposition/restriction in flowlines and tubulars
  • Preserve asset integrity and reliability of subsea wells and flowlines
  • Optimize performance of surface treating operations, maintaining throughput and minimizing down time

Hydrate Inhibitors

Halliburton’s effective Low Dosage Hydrate Inhibitor (LDHI) programs are designed to control hydrates and reduce the risk of problems caused by hydrates in gas production systems, such as line blockages and plugs.


  • Extends well life beyond that achievable with methanol or glycol based inhibitor applications
  • Lower dosage rates than traditional methanol or glycol based inhibitors, therefore lowering logistics costs, such as delivery, storage and pump requirements
  • Reduces start-up time on systems with a large number of tiebacks
  • Eliminates refinery problems with methanol in production fluids

Scale Management

Scale inhibitors assist with oil and gas production by maintaining asset integrity. Halliburton’s specialty scale inhibitors work to control a wide variety of scale production challenges to help prolong the life of a well.


  • Reduce downtime for mechanical, acid, and/or chemical cleanout
  • Increase lifetime of well and well equipment by minimizing deposits that can cause excessive wear
  • Maintain flow capacity of various flowlines associated with surface equipment
  • Polymer-type scale inhibitor traceable with a simple field test
  • Use umbilical and capillary certified DeepSure products for deepwater applications

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