Customized solutions to maintain asset integrity

Halliburton provides customized, high-performance chemistry and superior service to protect assets during the entire lifecycle.  We work with our customers to understand their production system, needs, and objectives. This allows us to deliver long-term corrosion protection for downhole and topside assets from the wellbore to gathering lines and pipelines. Our aim is to deliver a program that helps our customers meet their cost and performance objectives.

In addition to a full suite of biocides, corrosion inhibitors, scavengers, and other specialty chemicals, our solutions consist of services such as system modeling and detailed risk assessments to understand fluids, temperatures, pressures, and conditions. This allows us to implement and maintain the right asset integrity programs in all our customer’s locations. 


Halliburton’s line of biocides and biological control technologies are formulated to control deleterious micro-organisms in water used in frac jobs and production systems and help maintain asset integrity and mitigate potential problems, such as microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC), biomass accumulation, biogenic sulfide production, oil carryover, and polymer degradation.


  • Controls system fouling from biomass and biofilm formation and protect against MIC
  • Protects formations from externally induced bacterial contamination which can sour oil and gas production
  • Controls the accumulation of sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB)-generated hydrogen sulfide and iron sulfide in production equipment and vessels
  • Controls safety risks due to possible H2S exposure
  • Reduces biological contamination from wellbores previously contaminated using untreated fluids

Corrosion Inhibitors

Halliburton offers a variety of corrosion inhibitors, such as water- or oil-soluble, high-shear, high-temperature, and pressure-stable. Halliburton also certifies corrosion inhibitors for umbilical use. Our laboratories will evaluate fluid properties and field conditions to customize a corrosion-treatment program specific to customer needs, so assets can continue to work at peak efficiency year after year.


  • Mitigates corrosion in wellbores, flowlines, transmission lines, gathering lines, and pipelines of oil and gas systems to preserve integrity for years
  • Mitigates pitting corrosion, costly corrosion failures, and downtime
  • Combination products minimize CAPEX costs

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