Deliver predictable and repeatable results

With Applied Learning, we digitally capture insights and apply lessons learned to optimize the next section of well. We provide insights to ensure better planning and execution through automated offset well analysis and performance benchmarking, where we leverage historical data to identify, document, and share best practices across teams into the next well design.

Save time. Enhance decision making. Manage risk.


  • Assisted offset well analysis
  • Automated performance benchmarking
  • Automated lessons learned and risk identification
  • Connected well data across multiple services

Deliver consistently

Deliver the well within budget

Deliver consistently

Reduce risk to timely well delivery

Deliver consistently

Reduce non-productive time

Enabling technologies

OpenWells® Software

OpenWells® Software

Speed up data entry and leverage the EDM™ database to store, manage, and share data with Halliburton Landmark’s suite of engineering applications.

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