Make the right water-flooding and EOR decisions 

As the oil and gas industry produces from more mature and complex reservoirs, the need to rigorously evaluate, pilot-test, and scale-up economic secondary and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects becomes a pressing priority.

Halliburton applies its global expertise in secondary and enhanced oil recovery techniques to help you select and apply the right technologies and processes customized to each stage in your field’s life cycle.

Time is money, and our approach to secondary and enhanced oil recovery is aligned with your need to squeeze additional oil from your fields efficiently and profitably.



Integrated Digital Solution for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Objective was to design a functionally integrated digital EOR solution enabling pseudo-real-time optimization of injection and production networks.

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Best practices in secondary and enhanced oil recovery

Halliburton understands how challenging it is to squeeze additional production from your reservoirs, particularly in mature, complex fields with increasing water cuts.

Halliburton expertise helps you efficiently apply ground-breaking technologies from across the secondary and enhanced oil recovery spectrum so that you achieve operating and economic success:

  • Advanced reservoir characterization and geomechanical analysis to help you understand current conditions in your reservoir
  • Rapid assessment of suitable secondary and enhanced oil recovery techniques, supported by such techniques as digital rock scanning before and after core floods
  • Reservoir modeling and simulation designed to help you evaluate the potential impact of secondary and enhanced oil recovery
  • Pilot test design and implementation
  • Full-field planning and deployment
  • Digital oilfield technologies to increase operating efficiency and production.