Turning digital possibility into field reality

Halliburton 4.0 puts digital transformation into action. Around the world, virtual well operations integrate real-time data feeds for new levels of accuracy and insight. Potential for greater asset development is unlocked and unleashed.

Halliburton 4.0 introduces an advanced, cross-functional way of operating across software, hardware, AI, machine learning, and downhole sensors for a new era of radical visibility, collaboration, and productivity. It turns data into fuel to create opportunities that did not exist before.

Spanning subsurface, well construction, reservoir and production, and enterprise, Halliburton 4.0 is a quantum leap in performance, time efficiency, cost savings, and possibilities for the new energy industry.


Reduction in well design time

3 Hrs

To run 3,000 field simulations


Remote interventions in 2020


Terabytes of uploaded data

A revolution in subsurface understanding

Now operators can gain accurate, real-time insights to inform better decisions on how to develop assets pre-first oil discovery and as development unfolds. Diverse data sources like logging while drilling, wireline runs, cores, and seismic data are integrated with powerful analytics and algorithms to create the industry’s only evergreen subsurface model. Subsurface 4.0 is a step change in the accuracy and the update speed of static and dynamic reservoir digital twins, generating real-time insight from the drillbit across the project. 


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Subsurface 4.0

See how sensors, algorithms, and analytics via the industry’s only evergreen model of Planet Earth integrate data from Planet to Pore™. 


EarthStar™ Ultra-Deep Resistivity Service

Illuminate and map reservoir and fluid boundaries in three dimensions — hundreds of feet from the wellbore to avoid pilot holes, sidetracks, and unwanted exits. 


Well Construction 4.0: Frictionless interconnectivity

Digitally-optimized well construction focuses on outcomes in well and field development costs and optimal placement. It’s about planning, designing, and executing the optimal well through collaborative well engineering, automation, and virtual remote operations. Through an open architecture, our well engineering applications integrate with our new Digital Well Program and Digital Well Operations platforms, and any third-party application an operator uses. Well Construction 4.0 synchronizes activities for a new level of consistency between operator design and our services to execute perfect wells.  


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Well Construction 4.0

Use digital to plan, design, and execute perfect wells to optimize performance and cost with collaborative well engineering, automation, and virtual ops. 


Digital Well Program

Digital Well Program® is a DecisionSpace® 365 cloud application that offers the industry’s only truly integrated digital well program software and leverages the full weight of our long-standing open architecture.  


Digital Well Operations

The industry’s first open and integrated well operations software seamlessly connects the entire value chain – operators, service providers, logistics providers, and rig providers – to deliver safer and more efficient wells.

Delivery Services

Integrated with drilling rig systems through the Edge, Well Construction 4.0 provides a plug and play environment for well site automation of Pressure management, drilling automation, and bit dynamics.

The field, now under digital management

Maximizing uptime, recovery, and asset value, while reducing cost per barrel is the core of Reservoir and Production 4.0. You gain new capabilities like intelligent sensing, modeling, and control automation for stimulation and production. Visualization and alerts spot changes in downhole pressure and flow allocation by zones. Intelligent fracturing controls outcomes by aligning treatment with reservoir behavior. Well surveillance with 24/7 monitoring helps increase production and extend run life. You can now simultaneously manage the surface and sub-surface.  


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Reservoir and Production 4.0

See how to maximize production and recovery factor with intelligent sensing, modeling, and automation controls across well, field, and reservoir. 


SmartFleet™ Intelligent Fracturing System

The first intelligently automated system offers control, connecting to the subsurface with real-time measurement, 3D visualization, and commands while pumping.  


Well Surveillance and Monitoring Service

A 360o view of 24/7 operations and multiple SCADA systems to store key operating parameters in a centralized database for remote monitoring, analysis, and control of the electric submersible pump run cycle.  


Enterprise 4.0: Digital infrastructure to connect field to boardroom

Enterprise 4.0 is the infrastructure that supports the Halliburton 4.0 framework, including our open-architecture platform and Halliburton internal digital applications. It enables real-time operations and data management, software and applications for digital workflow, machine learning, and data science. This multi-enterprise digital infrastructure now connects the field to the boardroom—interoperating with customer systems, digital partners, rig contractors, and suppliers. Enterprise 4.0 drives new collaboration, speed, innovation, and commercial models. 

DecisionSpace®365 Cloud Application

Streamline workflow across exploration and production to improve decision-making and drilling performance with our open-architecture platform. 


iEnergy®, The Industry’s First Hybrid Cloud

iEnergy® is the industry’s first hybrid cloud designed to deploy, integrate, and manage advanced E&P applications such as DecisionSpace®365.