Tackling the hard problems

Tackling the hard problems

Halliburton's Jovan Segura talks problem solving with the American Petroleum Institute

Andrew Knotts
Andrew Knotts October 12, 2022

Many people don’t understand the scope of what the oil and gas industry provides, but Jovan Segura, global repair and maintenance manager for Drill Bits, is working to change that. He was featured in Energy for Progress, the American Petroleum Institute’s blog that highlights innovative leaders and technologies that support a more sustainable future for the oil and gas industry.

Segura says many take the benefits of the oil and gas industry, like reliable electricity, for granted, but it keeps our homes and hospitals going and continually fuels our innovation. His desire to tackle the hard problems gives him the energy to achieve more for his team and for Halliburton.

Our industry is accustomed to challenges. We have the right people to solve problems and come out ahead.” - Jovan Segura, manager, global maintenance and repair for Halliburton Drill Bits.

Segura believes that technology drives sustainability and the adoption of new tools, systems, and devices that are game changers for the industry. He says that as we continue to improve processes and produce energy with fewer resources, it will benefit the environment as a whole.

Read Jovan's full interview, The Problem Solver Putting Data to Work.


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