Halliburton Wireline Helps Identify New Gas Reservoirs in Offshore Morocco

Halliburton Wireline Helps Identify New Gas Reservoirs in Offshore Morocco

Coring and logging job helps Chariot identify significant production potential and new hydrocarbon zones.

Halliburton March 31, 2022

Halliburton worked closely with Chariot, an Africa-focused transitional energy group, to develop an integrated measurement and analysis workflow that identified substantial production potential and new hydrocarbon zones in offshore Morocco.

Halliburton collaborated with Chariot to meet their technical challenges associated with a comprehensive logging program. To better understand the sandy-shale laminated facies within the reservoir, Halliburton provided the StrataXaminer™ Imaging Service, a wireline logging solution that helps operators acquire more accurate well data, better evaluate production potential, and increase return on investment in oil- and synthetic-based muds.

During a review of the wellsite-generated high-resolution images, Halliburton identified candidate additional gas zones that were not calculated as pay using conventional log analysis. The team, using the Reservoir Description Tool (RDT) to sample various sections of the reservoir, confirmed the zones as gas-productive.

To achieve the complex objectives required in the deepwater, offshore environment, Halliburton and Chariot developed an integrated workflow to address the critical success factors that included:

  • Image quality in laminated sand shales,
  • Pressure testing, and
  • Sampling fluid analysis in the highly permeable formations with low volume pressure test drawdown.

With over 143 hours of operational time, Halliburton completed a logging operation – including five successful combined runs with zero downhole tool failures during the entire formation evaluation deployment. Excellent high resolution data quality identified additional gas zones, and the team successfully completed an extensive pressure and fluid sampling run that  lasted over 48 hours. The result – the team recovered 12 gas samples across the reservoir intervals.

Collaboration yielded excellent results despite working through the challenges of the global pandemic. In just 28 days, Halliburton secured all personnel and equipment on site, met Chariot’s timeline for the project and executed operational success.


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