Halliburton supports clean energy innovation

Halliburton supports clean energy innovation

Halliburton Labs is a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs, academics, investors, and industrial labs join to advance cleaner, affordable energy.

Halliburton January 14, 2022

Halliburton recognizes the vital role that affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy plays to advance human potential. The future energy supply will come from many sources, including hydrocarbons, and will require different technological advances to accelerate the development of new clean energy solutions.

In 2020, the Company introduced Halliburton Labs, a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs, academics, investors, and industrial labs join to advance cleaner, affordable energy. Halliburton Labs provides access to world-class facilities, operational expertise, practical mentorship, and access to its global business network to help participants scale their business.  Companies are able to participate in the Halliburton Labs accelerator program in-person and virtually, depending on their needs and objectives.

Early-stage clean energy companies face unique challenges as their tangible technologies require a broader set of industrial capabilities to achieve their growth targets. For example, these companies typically require capital, technical and operational expertise, mentorship, access to lab space, and the ability to demonstrate that they can scale their technologies.

Halliburton Labs brings these resources together within an open and collaborative environment entirely focused on the success of entrepreneur participants. Halliburton Labs opens the doors to its multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities, process technology, supply chain logistics, commercialization know-how, and wide business network to accelerate promising clean energy innovation. Importantly, the Halliburton Labs approach is founder-centric.  It is a fast-paced and responsive acceleration environment focused on company-specific scaling milestones, without intellectual property overreach, rights of first refusal, exclusivity, or other onerous terms that can slow progress or reduce a company’s growth and financing options.

Currently, 12 companies have joined the year-long accelerator experience and span a diverse range of disciplines that include lithium battery recycling, modular carbon capture systems, energy storage, and data analytics.  Halliburton Labs will host its next Finalists Pitch Day on January 21, 2022, where finalist companies will present their technologies and business plans before the Halliburton Labs advisory board.  The pitch event will feature nine finalists from Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and the United States competing to join the accelerator program. 

The event is open to the public and will lead off with a keynote discussion featuring Walter Isaacson, Leonard Lauder Professor of American History and Values, Tulane University and clean tech entrepreneur and investor, Andrew Beebe, Managing Director, Obvious Ventures. Anyone interested in attending can register at Halliburton Labs.

Halliburton Labs is a startup friendly initiative that enables Halliburton to engage with new companies and technologies while acquiring a breadth of knowledge about the clean energy ecosystem. This knowledge opens new pathways and creates important relationships as we all work to advance cleaner, affordable energy.

To learn more or apply, visit Halliburton Labs.


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