A Halliburton Legacy - Employee Spotlight on Mike Gray

A Halliburton Legacy - Employee Spotlight on Mike Gray

A snapshot of Halliburton history and the people who make it

Erin Fuchs
Erin Fuchs March 31, 2022

For over 100 years, Halliburton has led energy development around the world.

For 44 of those, Mike Gray has been right there, helping move the Company forward. Mike is the director of manufacturing of our facility in Duncan, Oklahoma, and celebrates more than four decades with Halliburton this year. 

Mike, along with his twin brother, Mark Gray, follows in the footsteps of his grandfather and father.

“If you combine all of our years of service, the Grays have about 145 years with Halliburton,” Mike said. “We’re very proud of that.”

In 1919, Erle P. Halliburton founded his cementing company in Duncan. It would grow to employ over 40,000 people who represent 130 nationalities in more than 70 countries around the world.

“To think about that is quite mind boggling,” Mike said. “This is where it all started, because of the work ethic and innovation and commitment to excellence we have here.”

Today, we employ about 1000 people in Duncan.

“To say what Mr. Halliburton started here a century ago is significant — not only for the Gray family, but for thousands of people — is quite an understatement,” Mike said. “He was ahead of his time with technology and innovation, and he understood, ‘you’re only as good as your people.’”

Mark and Mike Gray from Duncan, OK
Mark and Mike Gray from Duncan, OK

For our 100-year anniversary in 2019, Gray’s team celebrated with senior executives, state and local legislators, and retired employees with at least 30 years of service. They toured the Duncan manufacturing facility, which has undergone nearly constant updates over the years.

“It’s not the same shop floor it was when they retired,” Mike said. “We wanted to take the opportunity to show them how we’ve changed.”

One thing that hasn’t changed, according to Mike, is Halliburton’s commitment to invest in Duncan, especially when it comes to the next generation of leaders.

The Halliburton Charitable Foundation helped renovate the Innovation Hub at Duncan High School, a STEAM lab (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics). Halliburton managers work closely with the high schools to hire summer interns and give technology tours of the facility. Halliburton employees have been panel judges and mentors for the local schools’ technology competitions and science fairs and held a conservation day for students on Earth Day.

The Duncan team was also there to celebrate the opening the Company-funded Heritage Trails Project, a 3-mile walking trail around Duncan Regional Hospital, the Simmons Center, and the Chisholm Trails Heritage Center.

Internally, the Duncan leadership team has implemented key initiatives around shop floor digitization, advanced manufacturing techniques, and employee development and advancement.

Mike hopes his family will carry on the Gray legacy at Halliburton.

“I’d love to see my granddaughter here someday!” he said.

For more information on joining the Halliburton team, visit our Careers site.

Portions of this article have been republished with permission from the Lawton Constitution.

Duncan, Oklahoma
Duncan, Oklahoma
Mike Gray speaks at the 100 year Halliburton anniversary
Mike Gray speaks at the 100 year Halliburton anniversary

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