Advanced scale removal service

Halliburton offers a suite of scale dissolvers to restore production from wells with scale plugging issues. Our Calcium Sulfate Scale Removal Service restores production in a way that is non-damaging to the formation or wellbore completion. It is recommended for use at temperatures up to 380°F (193°C) with no additional corrosion protection required.

The scale dissolution system helps prevent the re-precipitation of calcium, aluminum, and ferric ions in aqueous fluids. Long soak times are eliminated and emulsion and sludge tendencies are minimized.

Fast acting scale removal treatment

HalKleen G scale removal service is a fast-acting treatment for the removal of anhydrite, gypsum, and other forms of calcium sulfate (CaSO4) from tubing, perforations, and from downhole equipment in the wellbore. The scale dissolver is a single fluid that facilitates the rapid dissolution and removal of CaSO4 scale or deposits, eliminating long soak times or extended shut-in periods required by other dissolutionbet treatments.

Halliburton offers a family of scale dissolvers for a different types of scale to restore production from wells with scale plugging issues. Review the chart to see what solution fits your challenge.


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