New generation of calcium sulfate scale dissolver

Halliburton HalKleen G scale removal service is a fast-acting treatment for the removal of anhydrite, gypsum, and other forms of calcium sulfate (CaSO₄) from tubing, perforations, and downhole equipment in the wellbore. The scale dissolver is a liquid solution that facilitates the rapid dissolution and removal of CaSO₄ scale or deposits with a single fluid, eliminating long soak times and extended shut-in periods required by other dissolution treatments. 

Well intervention scale removal service
Well intervention scale removal service


  • Eliminates long soak times
  • Minimizes emulsion and sludge tendencies
  • Features a catalyst for low temperature applications, even below 100°F
  • Enables operators to remove calcium sulfate scales and deposits without causing corrosion
  • Helps prevent re-precipitation of calcium, aluminum, and ferric ions in aqueous fluids
  • Provides fluid stability and efficiency for bottomhole static temperature (BHST) up to 380°F (193°C)

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