Halliburton Introduces iCruise X™ Intelligent Rotary Steerable Service

Delivers precise well placement and reduced well time in harsh drilling environments and extended wells

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Houston - November 16, 2021 - Halliburton Company (NYSE: HAL) today released iCruise X™ Intelligent Rotary Steerable System, the next generation of the drilling platform targeted to longer, harsher applications to deliver precise well placement and reduced well time.

Halliburton built the tool around a robust mechanical design to deliver some of the highest specifications in the industry.

The iCruise X is equipped with an advanced steering head fit for greater durability in operations with variable fluid conditions and in fluids with high solids content. It delivers in high temperature environments and provides more power for steering. Halliburton designed the iCruise X steering section with the latest metallurgy and design techniques. The collar includes new connections to better resist torsional oscillation and cyclical bending at higher doglegs. The extra force available for steering delivers geologically complex wells and curves faster and provides a stiffer assembly for straight well sections.

iCruise X™ Intelligent Rotary Steerable Systems

iCruise X™ Intelligent Rotary Steerable Systems

“We are excited to release iCruise X that extends the operating limits of traditional rotary steerable systems, so operators have the durability to deliver accurate, smooth 3D wells, and laterals faster in harsh drilling applications,” said Rami Yassine, vice president of Sperry Drilling.

The intelligent rotary steerable system includes advanced electronics, sophisticated algorithms, multiple sensors and survey packages, and high-speed processors to support drilling automation. Through LOGIX™ Autonomous Drilling Platform, iCruise X automatically drills the well in real-time, to provide operators with faster, consistent, and repeatable drilling performance.

A large operator in the Middle East ran iCruise X to drill a curve section in a tough and abrasive formation. The system drilled the curve section in one run and beat the record for the basin by 30 percent saving the operator valuable well time.

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