Unconventional Resources

Delivering a lower cost per BOE in shale, tight gas, coalbed methane, and heavy oil – from initial field exploration through well production.

Basin-specific knowledge and expertise, global experience, and innovative technologies have established Halliburton as North America's leader in unconventional resources, leveraging lessons learned locally and replicating success in emerging unconventional markets worldwide.

  • Subsurface Insight accelerates reservoir understanding and recovery
    Knowing what's below the surface – where to drill, how to drill, where to frac, and how to frac – makes it possible to locate bypassed reserves more precisely, and maximize the NPV of your asset.
  • Customized Chemistry helps improve well economics and increase production
    Tailored fracturing fluids for your unconventional well can boost production and significantly increase estimated ultimate recovery rates for new completions and refracturing operations.
  • Surface Efficiency can save costs and reduce environmental impact
    Reliable and efficient operations can result in less capital and fewer personnel on location, time and cost savings, and lessen environmental footprint.

We work closely with our customers around the world to increase EUR and help them lower their cost per BOE, every step of the way.

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ACTIVATE® Refracturing Service

ACTIVATE® Refracturing Service

A collaborative workflow that leverages subsurface insight expertise and breakthrough diversion technology to recover bypassed reserves predictively and repeatedly at one-third the cost of a new drill.


CYPHER® Seismic-to-Stimulation Service

A collaborative workflow designed to maximize production from unconventional reserves and lower your cost per BOE.

Better Fluids Make Better Wells

We customize chemistry to provide you with clean, low-residue fluid formulations and additives specifically designed to help make sure you stay on time and on budget by keeping well productivity high and NPT low.

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Summary Summary One of the largest drilling contracts in the world outsourced to Halliburton
Halliburton Integrated Project Management enabled operator to accelerate field development by delivering 58 wells on turnkey basis
Summary Summary European operator secured needed cores to prove subsidence models to government
Halliburton’s 5.5-inch RockStrongTM Coring System delivered larger, undamaged core samples with near 100 percent reliability
Summary Summary Dustin Young, global technical advisor Unconventionals, was featured in Upstream Technology Magazine
Dustin Young discusses the future for international shale gas developments.
Summary Summary Evaluation of Reactive Clay in Indian Shale
Shale formations are composed of clays, feldspars, carbonates, and quartz as major ingredients. Among all the constituents, clays are the most important parameter from an application point of view because of their possibly sensitive nature...
Summary Summary Halliburton Introduces ACTIVATESM Refracturing Service
Halliburton announced today the launch of ACTIVATE Refracturing Service, a collaborative workflow that leverages subsurface insight, expertise and breakthrough diversion technology to recover bypassed reserves from unconventional wells more predictably and repeatedly.
Summary Summary World Oil: Jeff Miller shares his vision for Halliburton's future
In an exclusive interview at the company's headquarters in north Houston, Halliburton President Jeff Miller, newly named as CEO, visited with Gulf Publishing Vice President Ron Higgins and Editor-in-Chief Kurt Abraham, to outline his thoughts and priorities for the firm's next few years.
Summary Summary US Wyoming: Baroid’s CLAYSEAL® Shale Stabilizer Provides Excellent Wellbore Stability on Problematic Well
The DJ Basin located in Laramie County, Wyoming is known for its reactive and unstable shales. Preliminary research of offset data indicated that reactive clays may not present a problem in the upper hole section, but issues were anticipated as drilling progressed through the interval. Contrary to the data, while attempting to drill to a total depth of 11,804 ft, an operator encountered excessive torque and drag in the upper vertical section, and also encountered a prolonged open hole due to operational issues.
Summary Summary Egypt: Engineered HYDRO-GUARD® High-Performance Water-Based Fluid and TORQ-TRIM® II Lubricant Saved Operator $1.5M While Drilling 8½" Deviated Hole
An operator working in the Western Desert region of Egypt, planned to drill a deviated well with a 38 degree inclination. The required fluid hydrostatic pressure stabilizing the reactive shales resulted in a 3000 psi overbalance against the depleted 3700 psi reservoir sands pore pressure. Consequently, high torque and differential sticking was expected.
Summary Summary N-FLOW™ breaker treatment helps increase production rates
N-FLOW™ 325 Filter Cake Breaker System Yields Strong Production Increase on Four Uranium Extraction Wells
Summary Summary BaraXcel™ HP NAF System Enables Operator to Drill Wolfcamp Well in Record Time
BaraXcel™ HP NAF System Enables Operator to Drill Wolfcamp Well in Record Time
Summary Summary BaraXcel™ NAF and DFG™ Modeling Software Help Operator Eliminate Casing String on Permian Basin Wells
BaraXcel™ NAF and DFG™ Modeling Software Help Operator Eliminate Casing String on Permian Basin Wells
Summary Summary Custom LCM blend stops total losses in fractured limestone
BaraBlend®-665 LCM and BaraLock®-666 LCM halt total losses in fractured limestone, saving 4.8 days of drilling and US$556,000
Summary Summary Operator Saves USD 92,000 while Drilling 2,500-m Shale Lateral with BARO-LUBE GOLD SEAL™ Lubricant
The Baroid team recommended adding BARO-LUBE GOLD SEAL™ lubricant, a blend of surfactants and lubricants that can provide optimal metal-to-metal and metal-to-formation lubricity in oil- and synthetic-based systems.
Summary Summary DRIL-N-SLIDE™ lubricant eliminates bit balling and accretion in a shale field in Iraq
DRIL-N-SLIDE™ lubricant eliminates bit balling and more than doubles rate of penetration
Summary Summary THERMA-FLOW 500® HPHT Thinner Helps Improve Drilling Rate and Reduce Fluid Costs
The Baroid team recommended THERMA-FLOW 500® dispersant to help control rheological properties in the high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT) applications.
Summary Summary Canada: Optimized Brine and ENVIROMUL™ Fluids Help Cut Drilling Days of Pacesetter Shale Well By 32 Percent
Through careful collaboration and the use of optimized drilling systems, the operator was able to drill the well in 9.2 days, saving 4.4 days valued at approximately USD 639,000.
Summary Summary BaraPure® Salt-Free NAF System Improves Performance in Canada
BaraPure® Salt-Free NAF System Successfully Drills 8,900 Meters in Unconventional Field
Summary Summary Optimized Fluids Help Operator Save $2.96 Million
Solution saves 37 days of drilling time, achieving field record
Summary Summary XLR-RATE™ ROP Enhancer Saves Two Days of Rig Time and US$250,000
Solution helps prevent bit balling in reactive clay, displacing competitor.
Summary Summary BaraShield®-664 lost circulation material (LCM) helps operator drill through severe loss zone, saves USD 227,000 and 2 1/2 days
The Baroid team recommended treating the active mud system with 10 ppb of BaraShield®-664 LCM, prior to drilling into the Rival formation.
Summary Summary Over USD 100,000 Saved on Trip Time, Gumbo Issues Using Inhibitive AQUAGEL® Calcium Nitrate System
The AQUAGEL calcium nitrate system mitigated the gumbo effects and tripping time improved compared to previous wells drilled with other drilling fluid systems.
Summary Summary BaraMesh® Shaker Screens Help Major Operator Reduce Disposal Volume and Recover Invert Emulsion Fluid for Reuse
BaraMesh® Shaker Screens Help Major Operator Reduce Disposal Volume and Recover Invert Emulsion Fluid for Reuse
Summary Summary Vacuum-Feed Vertical Cuttings Dryer Simplifies Operations, Saves Costs
BARAG-FORCE™ System saves operator more than USD 25K per well in Shale play
Summary Summary Carbonate 20/20SM Acidizing Service Eliminates Need for Proppant, Adds More Than $1.5 Million in Value
After being shot; a 16;000 foot well in a Cotton Valley Formation was still only flowing at 8.2 mmcfpd at 1;680 psi FTP with a positive skin. To increase production; the operator wanted to fracture the well with proppant but had not previously pumped into it.
Summary Summary ZCA Acid System and Carbonate 20/20 Service (SM) Increase Oil Production by over $233;000 (Case History)
An operator had drilled a 9;746 foot well and was considering its ASL limestone formation as a potential zone. However; after it went into production; the well barely produced at a measurable rate; and most of that production was water with traces of oil.
Summary Summary SurgiFracSM Service Used to Stimulate Open-Hole Lateral Adds More Than $927;000 in Value in Just Six Months (New Mexico)
A 2;000-ft open-hole lateral had been drilled in a 4;600-ft Yeso formation well�in a mature�field that the operator believed was depleted. After the lateral was cleaned out and an acid wash hadbeen performed; the well still failed to produce oil. To revive the well; the operator asked Halliburton for an effective method to stimulate the entire lateral and connect it to the formation's natural fracture system.
Summary Summary HydroChek® Service Restores 5;000 BPD of Oil Production; Adds $35 Million in Value (Case History)
A 2;700 foot well in a Cretacio Inferior Formation had to be shut in after just one-and-a-half years because of excessive water production.   
Summary Summary CobraMax Fracturing Service
Provides the Performance of Conventional Through Tubing Fracturing with the Speed and Versatility of Coiled Tubing Operations. New CobraMax service enables more efficient performance than ever before possible for fracturing multiinterval vertical wells.
Summary Summary DFIT Analysis Service
Challenge: How to determine pore pressure and permeability critical fracture design parameters in a well containing 26 zones when pressure-buildup tests are impractical and wireline formation testers have proved ineffective?
Summary Summary WaterWeb Service
Halliburton's new WaterWeb service uses unique polymer chemistry to help create oil-water separation in the reservoir, impeding water flow and enhancing hydrocarbon flow to the wellbore.With the WaterWeb service, the resulting improved oil/gas recovery potential stems from a reduced water column giving improved natural lift for the residual oil and/or gas. In addition, it helps justify prolonged and sustained production by enhancing reservoir drainage.
Summary Summary Clay/Mineralogy (Multimedia)
StiMRIL services uses MRIL magnetic resonance imaging logging technology to determine which zones have clays present and which are clay free. This determines the type of completion fluid that should be selected to optimize production and reduce clay swelling.
Summary Summary Transcend Permeability Enhancers Improve Production in Permian
Transcend Permeability Enhancers improve production in Delaware Basin, Texas
Summary Summary Carrizo Oil and Gas Improve Well Performance in Multi-Well AccessFrac® Service Field Study
Carrizo Oil and Gas used AccessFrac® stimulation service on a large-scale field trial in the Eagle Ford shale play in an effort to increase the number of effectively stimulated perforation clusters and to improve well performance. Results have shown the wells utilizing the AccessFrac service maintain higher flowing pressures indicating an increase in stimulated reservoir volume.
Summary Summary AccessFrac® Stimulation Service Improves Cluster Efficiency Without Quantifying Stresses
The limited availability of diagnostic data for multiple wells in Oklahoma hindered the operators’ ability to effectively design a limited-entry perforating scheme, along with stimulation treatments. AccessFrac® stimulation service was deployed in an attempt to improve cluster efficiency and ultimate recovery from the wells. Wells utilizing AccessFrac service showed initial production rates 2.7 to 3.2 times higher than comparable offsets.
Summary Summary RockPerm Permian Basin Case Study
Custom Chemistry Improves Well Performance: RockPerm™ Service Enables Customized Fracturing Fluid Solution Delaware Basin, Texas
Summary Summary Proprietary diversion technique succeeds in difficult non-cemented lateral
Halliburton’s AccessFrac® Service overcomes non-cemented lateral environment to accomplish diversion, provide stimulation, and deliver superior production.
Summary Summary AccessFrac Stimulation in Northeast
AccessFrac Stimulation service allows recovery of stranded reserves
Summary Summary Relief Well Directional Planning
Relief well planning is an interactive process where adjustments in other components of the relief well may trigger changes in the relief well directional plan.
Summary Summary Real-Time Journey Management and Intervention Solution Improves Transportation Safety Performance
The Halliburton Project Management (HPM) team installed vehicle telematics systems onboard 12 of its light vehicle fleet to maximize the safety of personnel and to improve daily operational costs.
Summary Summary Second Unconventionals Revolution
Harvesting Reserves with a Balanced Portfolio Can Reduce Breakeven Points of Unconventional Assets
Summary Summary Operator in the Fayetteville Increases Asset Value by $2.6 Million
An operator in the Fayetteville shale play was able to recover bypassed reserves and increase the well’s value by $2.6 million by utilizing ACTIVATE service to design a customized refracture treatment.
Summary Summary CYPHER Seismic-to-Stimulation Service Permian Basin Case Study
Along with the subsurface expertise, Halliburton helps operator in the Permian set record with a 65 percent reduction in drilling days plus a 32 percent increase in production.
Summary Summary CYPHER Seismic-to-Stimulation Service helps operator almost double production.
A Barnett Shale asset at risk of abandonment gets profitable new lease on life via Halliburton’s CYPHER Seismic-to-Stimulation Service. The CYPHER Seismic-to-Stimulation Service helps an operator improve production results and consistency by identifying where and how to drill and where and how to frac.
Summary Summary Operator Refractures Wells and Decreases Cost Per BOE by 78%
After refracturing the well with ACTIVATE service, the operator in the Barnett shale play increased EUR by 83%, resulting in $1 million NPV.
Summary Summary Halliburton helps Eagle Ford operator increase EUR by 62%
An operator utilized Halliburton’s ACTIVATESM refracturing service to begin a pilot program to evaluate the economic viability of refracturing in the Eagle Ford shale play.
Summary Summary CYPHER® Seismic-to-Stimulation Service
A collaborative, integrated workflow that leverages subsurface insight to know precisely where to drill, how to drill, where to frac, and how to frac.
Summary Summary Design Optimization of Horizontal Wells With Multiple Hydraulic Fractures JPT Article
An efficient way to improve the productivity of ultratight shale formations is to increase the density of hydraulic fractures.
Summary Summary ACTIVATE® Refracturing Service
A collaborative workflow that leverages subsurface insight expertise and breakthrough diversion technology to help operators recover bypassed reserves from unconventional reservoirs predictively and repeatedly at one-third the cost of a new drill.
Summary Summary ACTIVATE® Refracturing Service
ACTIVATE® Refracturing Service is a collaborative workflow that leverages subsurface insight expertise and breakthrough diversion technology to help operators recover bypassed reserves from unconventional reservoirs predictively and repeatedly at one-third the cost of a new drill.
Summary Summary Halliburton helps Bakken operator lower costs per BOE by 64%
Halliburton engaged its ACTIVATE refracturing service to select the best candidate wells located in highly productive areas of the reservoir, and provided a solution to produce additional reserves.
Summary Summary Multi-discipline path to value creation in Permian Basin
Multi-discipline collaboration using earth model and CYPHER service creates value in Permian Basin
Summary Summary Halliburton helps Montney operator increase production from primary completion well by more than 300%
Halliburton engaged its ACTIVATE refracturing service to select the best candidate wells and determine the economic viability of the refracture treatment.
Summary Summary American Oil & Gas Reporter: Outlook 2015: Q&A State of the Industry
A special Q&A with Halliburton's Jeff Miller providing insights on general market expectations as well as specific focal points of technology development in 2015 and beyond.
Summary Summary ISG&OJ: A play for shale: Expanding resources in the European Union
The International Shale Gas & Oil Journal (ISG&OJ) is a quarterly journal on shale gas and oil developments in politics, economic, regulatory, tax & legal areas for practitioners and academics in the field. The journal draws on the experiences in USA, Canada and China, but the focus is mainly on Europe.
Summary Summary Improving Well Performance Through Flowback Optimization
CALIBR℠ Engineered Flowback Service - Permian Basin
Summary Summary CALIBR℠ Engineered Flowback Service
Calibrate your flowback for optimized well performance
Summary Summary Fas Drill® SVB packer provides isolation for high-volume cement squeeze job
A customer in New Mexico was performing a two-stage, cement job for a 9 5/8-in. casing string, but, during the first cement stage all returns were lost. Whether due to a natural fracture in the formation or just a high-permeability, low-pressure zone, the operator was now faced with a difficult cement squeeze job to shut off the thief zone and allow cement to reach the surface as per local regulatory requirements.
Summary Summary Long String Cemented RapidSuite™ System with Plug and Perf Saves Time and Reduces Risk
A major customer in Mid-Continent, USA was looking to reduce risk, time and cost of their multistage, extended-reach lateral, horizontal completion campaign in the Woodford shale.
Summary Summary RapidStage® Sleeve Helps Operator Realize a 66% Increase in Completion Efficiency
An operator in South Texas wanted to improve well economics snd lower the cost per barrel of oil equivalent (BOE) for a well in a new part of the Eagle Ford Shale.
Summary Summary Multi-discipline collaboration using earth model and CYPHER service creates value in Permian Basin.
Laredo Petroleum collaborates with Halliburton to increase reservoir understanding in a multi-target unconventional play
Summary Summary SurgiFrac® Service Increases Production; Adds Approximately $112,000 of Value (Case History) Sign in required
An operator needed to accurately place an acid treatment throughout a 1600 foot horizontal open hole section of a 6,765 foot well in the Niagaran reef.
Summary Summary Devonian Stimulation Increases Value by Approximately $2.75 Million (Case History) Sign in required
An operator needed to provide adequate stimulation for a 12,000 foot well in a Devonian formation with open Strawn perforations above the completion packer.
Summary Summary Zonal Coverage Acid™ Treatment Allows Plugged Well to Resume Production; Adds Approximately $791,000 in Value (Case History) Sign in required
An operator needed to design a treatment that would not break into a water zone located just 30 feet below the oil zone in a 9,250 foot well in a Devonian formation. This water problem had led to the well being plugged over 20 years ago.
Summary Summary MRIL® Tool Finds New Zone, StiMRIL Confirms It Sign in required
A customer working in a South Texas field drilled his first prospect and wanted as much technical support as possible to determine the potential of the well.
Summary Summary Permanent Downhole Monitoring
Single or Multi-zone monitoring during stimulation and production operations
Summary Summary First intelligent completion in UAE field maximizes production and alleviates infrastructure constraints
This was the first intelligent completion in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offshore field. The client was evaluating the technology and its economic benefits and how it could alleviate some of the infrastructure constraints, like limitation of well slots that it faced with offshore platforms.
Summary Summary Liberator™ High-Flow Gas Separator Data Sheet
Technical information for the Summit ESP high-flow gas separators which extend operating capabilities in challenging gassy well applications.
Summary Summary Tiger Shark® Gas Handler Pump Data Sheet
Technical information for the Summit ESP Tiger Shark gas handler pump, offering a flexible operating range and extended run life for challenging well applications.
Summary Summary Defender® Seals Data Sheet
Technical information for the Summit ESP Defender® Seals. Prevents wellbore abrasives from damaging ESP seal and motor sections.
Summary Summary Tiger Shark® Bolt-On Pump Intake Data Sheet
Technical information for the Summit ESP Tiger Shark bolt-on pump intake, offering a flexible operating range and extended run life for challenging well applications.
Summary Summary Corsair™ Motors Data Sheet
Technical information for the Summit ESP Corsair™ electric submersible motors. Provides the operator with the highest levels of performance in the harshest downhole environments.
Summary Summary Tiger Shark® Pump Data Sheet
Technical information for the Summit ESP Tiger Shark pumps, offering flexible operating range and extended run life for challenging well applications.
Summary Summary Summit ESP® Well Surveillance and Monitoring Service
24/7 Expert Analysis and Coverage: Summit ESP® – A Halliburton Service offers monitoring services to increase production, improve run life, and reduce downtime and labor.
Summary Summary Summit ESP ACS®-15 Active-Front-End, Variable-Speed Drives
Optimize efficiency of electric submersible or horizontal surface pumping systems.
Summary Summary Defender Seal Brochure
Extend the operational life of ESP systems
Summary Summary DuraHard™ Coatings Brochure
Extensive ESP coating options suitable for a variety of harsh environments
Summary Summary Summit ESP® Successfully Replaces Rod Lift System
Multi-technology solution for low-flow wells generates USD 1.4 million in revenue for operator in just six months
Summary Summary Summit ESP Doubles Run Life in Bakken
Summit ESP® Doubles Run Life for Bakken Operator, Increasing Production USD 24 Million
Summary Summary Halliburton Successfully Installs Dual Completions
Cross-team solution generates USD 18.9 million in revenue for Ecuador operator in over 554 days
Summary Summary Summit ESP Well SurveillanceVideo
Real-time well surveillance increases the return on investment of an ESP system and the multimillion-dollar investment in the well’s production potential.
Summary Summary Liberator™ Vortex Gas Separator
Summit ESP® – A Halliburton Service offers a high-performance suite of vortex gas separators designed to mitigate the downtime and other impacts of free gas excessive ingestion into electric submersible pumps (ESPs) during oil and gas production.
Summary Summary SandRight® Solids Fallback Preventer - Technical
Artificial Lift sand management tool product specifications: SandRight® Solids Fallback Preventer
Summary Summary DEVIATOR™ Flange Data Sheet
Summary Summary SandRight® Solids Fallback Preventer
The SandRight® solids fallback preventer deters damaging solids from entering the electric submersible pump (ESP) during power shutdown events. Its unique design features preserve the ESP, especially in wells subject to dislodged formation and frac sands.
Summary Summary Summit ESP Corsair Motors
Corsair™ motors provide the highest levels of performance in the harshest downhole environments.
Summary Summary Hercules™ Horizontal Pumping System Brochure
Versatile horizontal surface pumping system for conventional or unconventional plays
Summary Summary Tiger Shark Pump Brochure
The optimum pump line for producing and developing unconventional resource plays. Designed for maximum flexibility In unconventional, abrasive, gassy wells
Summary Summary Tiger Shark® II Pump Extends Run Life and Decreases Workover Costs
Revenue Increase On Average by $1.1 Million USD Per Year Per Well
Summary Summary LithoFact® Rock Analysis Service Sign in required
Whole-rock analysis for reservoir insight, precise stratigraphic placement, and maximum reservoir contact
Summary Summary UK: Operator improves reservoir understanding in a complex-fracture horizontal well in hard-rock granite basement Sign in required
In an offshore well in the United Kingdom (UK), the operator wanted to perform an evaluation of a complex-fracture horizontal well in a hard-rock granite basement. It was critical to identify faults, along with large and small fractures, in order to determine if the reservoir was economically viable to produce.
Summary Summary Oman: GeoForce® Motor Saves Operator 7.5 Drilling Days with Fewest Number of Bit Runs in History of Field Sign in required
An operator in Oman had been using two different bottomhole assemblies (BHAs) to drill a 12-1/4-inch vertical section for unconventional wells.
Summary Summary Canada Alberta: Operator Reports Total Estimated Savings of More Than US$7.6 Million Sign in required
An operator working in the McMurray formation of northern Alberta, Canada, sought to increase operational efficiency and decrease total days per well. The operator had previously taken seven to eight days to drill a well at an approximate cost of US$997,000 (C$1.3 million) per well.
Summary Summary Texas, USA: GABI™ Motor Helps Deliver Well 100 Percent in Target Zone Sign in required
While drilling the 7,500-foot (2,286-meters) horizontal section of a 14,000-foot (4,267.2-meters) well in the Wolfcamp Shale in west Texas, the customer faced a 2,000-foot (609.6-meters) section with a slight anticline in the middle. Starting at about 9,300-feet (2,834.6-meters) measured depth (MD), the target zone sloped upwards from 6,000-feet (1,828.8-meters) true vertical depth (TVD) to 5,900-feet (1798.32-meters) TVD, and back down again to 6,000-feet (1,828.8-meters) TVD. Previous attempts at drilling this zone had resulted in breaking out of the top of the target formation, and losing hundreds of feet of productive interval. Additionally, this zone needed to be drilled smoothly to aid in running casing for completion.
Summary Summary Azerbaijan: Operator Achieves Record-Breaking Telemetry Rates Despite Challenging Environment Sign in required
JetPulse™ high-data-rate (HDR) telemetry enables operator to anticipate and react to potential problems before significant nonproductive time (NPT) can occur
Summary Summary Oklahoma, USA: GABI™ Motor and StrataSteer® 3D Service Provide Real-Time Geosteering Solution for Successful Well Placement in Critical Thin Bed Horizontal Sign in required
While drilling the 4,000-foot horizontal section of a 10,000-foot well in the Mississippi Lime near Alva, Oklahoma, the customer needed to maximize exposure to the 15-foot thick target formation and totally avoid the bounding shale above. Drilling into the shale above would introduce wellbore stability issues, and force the operator to sidetrack. Additionally, the operator needed to minimize the cost of the well while staying in zone. Previous attempts at drilling this zone had resulted in breaking out of the target formation, and having to pull back and sidetrack the well.
Summary Summary Canada, Alberta: GeoForce® XL motors help operator save US$2.5 million in Duvernay shale well Sign in required
By running GeoForce® XL high-performance motors to tackle high builds and long lateral sections, Sperry Drilling cut drilling time almost in half on an extended-reach well in the Duvernay shale play in Canada, reducing drilling days from 49 days to 28 days.
Summary Summary Mexico: Halliburton Sets New Field Record and Saves PEMEX $200,000 using Matched Drilling System Sign in required
PEMEX challenged Halliburton to match the competitor’s performance by drilling as fast as possible while accurately delivering the planned objectives.
Summary Summary Venezuela: Petroindependencia Drills the Longest ERD Well While Staying 100 Percent in Target Zone Sign in required
Petroindependencia, a Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) joint venture, operates in the Orinoco oil belt, where the target reservoirs are located in the Morichal member of the Oficina formation, which can be characterized as a shallow, unconsolidated formation.
Summary Summary USA, Texas: Halliburton Matched System Helps save Operator an Estimated $60,000 Delivering One-Run Curve and Lateral Sign in required
An operator drilling in the Permian basin wanted to improve drilling efficiency by reducing the number of runs required to drill a horizontal well in West Texas.
Summary Summary Middle East: Geo-Pilot® XL 5200 System Delivers First Single-Run Lateral in Middle East Field While Reducing Drilling Time By 3.9 Days Sign in required
Sperry Drilling’s geosteering solution combined advanced technology, tools and talent in a comprehensive approach.
Summary Summary USA, Oklahoma: Turbopower™ Turbodrills Deliver High Build-Rate Curve and Lateral through Abrasive Grante Wash Sign in required
In this well, the operator challenged Sperry Drilling services to provide a solution that would achieve the necessary build rate in the curve to land the well at proper depth, and drill the lateral section with minimal directional corrections – drilling both sections as fast as possible while delivering good hole quality.
Summary Summary USA, Devonian Shales, Appalachian Basin: Equitable Resources Reduces Drilling Costs by ~$100,000 Per Well Using Electromagnetic Telemetry Technology Sign in required
Equitable needed to drill multiple underbalanced wells in a field with soft formations imbedded with hard stringers.
Summary Summary USA, Texas: LaserStrat® In-Field Service Helps Deliver Vastly Higher Sign in required
Obtain detailed reservoir information for optimum hydraulic fracturing along the lateral to improve the percentage of fractured intervals.
Summary Summary USA, North Dakota: Planning, Collaboration and an Optimized Drilling Performance Deliver Record-Breaking Extended Reach Unconventionals Wells in Bakken/Three Forks Sign in required
An operator's objective was to drill two extended reach wells, followed by drilling three more wells with 50 percent longer laterals
Summary Summary Azerbaijan: MaxActivity™ Drilling Optimization Software Helps Reduce Cost of ‘Invisible Lost Time’ to Yield Weighted Performance Index of 102% over Two Years on Multi-Platform Project in Azerbaijan Sign in required
Management, proper breakdown and definition of key performance indicators (KPIs) are all key components to achieve success in properly tracking performance. In this multi-well project offshore Azerbaijan, where seven platforms and three floaters operate in 100 to 200 m (328 to 656 ft) of water, the client began a performance improvement initiative in 2012 to improve well delivery, with a goal of achieving top quartile (TQ) performance by identifying gaps and driving opportunities.
Summary Summary Marcellus Shale, USA: SperryDrill® XL Motor Drills First Single-Run 8 ½-Inch Hole Sections in Marcellus Shale Wells Sign in required
In this unconventional shale gas play, the operator wanted to minimize Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) and drive better economics by eliminating costly trips and additional equipment associated with multiple runs. In order to accomplish this, the operator challenged Sperry Drilling services to deliver a new well architecture, featuring a lengthy low-angle tangent to create displacement without sacrificing valuable lateral in zone.
Summary Summary Angola: Geo-Pilot® XL 9600 RSS Delivers Record Footage in Single Run and Saves $1.5 Million Sign in required
From a platform in 1,200 feet of water, the objective was to drill a new producer well to 22,698 ft. MD at 73.5° of inclination, evaluate the well with a logging-while-drilling quad combo (LWD), and obtain 25 planned pressure points using a GeoTap® pressure tester.
Summary Summary USA, New Mexico: Halliburton Matched System Delivers Curve in One Run Saving Operator an Estimated $56,000 Sign in required
In the Permian basin, New Mexico, horizontal wells penetrate the Bone Springs formation where drilling the curve typically requires multiple runs and close to 60 hours. An operator challenged Halliburton to provide a solution capable of drilling the curve in two runs or less.
Summary Summary USA, North Dakota Bakken: Operator Achieves More Accurate Wellbore Placement Using a New Azimuthal Gamma Ray Service Sign in required
An operator in North Dakota’s Middle Bakken shale formation sought a solution that would enable effective drilling and geosteering in a formation with little gamma ray variation, while minimizing drilling costs.
Summary Summary VersaFlex Breech Lock System
The VersaFlex Breech Lock system increases compressive load capability of the running tool allowing operators to reach total well depth particularly in extended reach drilling (ERD) wells.
Summary Summary The American Oil & Gas Reporter: Multilateral Architectures Hold Major Potential In Resource Plays
HOUSTON—Multilateral technology has significant potential for improving efficiencies, lowering development costs and optimizing production and recovery rates in tight oil and shale gas plays.
Summary Summary Completion design must advance to improve access to Lower Tertiary
Service providers working on next generation of multi-zone systems
Summary Summary Getting Your DUCs in a Row
Halliburton reveals how aging DUC wells do not need to spoil completions
Summary Summary EquiFlow OptiSteam Flow Control Device
EquiFlow OptiSteam FCD helps improve completion performance and efficiency in SAGD operations by balancing steam injection throughout the length of a completion.
Summary Summary CleanWell® System Technology
CleanWell® System Technology provides a single-trip solution for drill out, cleanout and displacement to efficiently collect and remove more debris than conventional cleanout systems.
Summary Summary Why operators are willing to standardize on new Halliburton RapidStart™ Initiator CT sleeves
Seneca Resources can now measure pre-frac prep time in hours instead of days, and has cut casing test costs by 40 percent.
Summary Summary Illusion® Frac Plug Helps Eliminate High-Risk Millout Operations
A major operator drilling in the Bakken and Three Forks formations in the Williston Basin was concerned about depleted reservoir conditions due to close well spacing. The operator needed a solution that would eliminate the wellbore intervention step required to clean out traditional composite frac plugs.
Summary Summary RapidStage® frac sleeves and RapidBall™ self-removing balls delivered increased efficiency and cost savings without wellbore intervention
An independent oil and gas operator in Alaska was looking for new ways to help reduce well costs and intervention. The completion design called for a production liner to be run and 11 stages to be stimulated through the target section of a wellbore that was more than 20,000 feet in total measured depth (TMD).
Summary Summary Frac Sleeve DUC Well Completed 410 Days After Installation Shatters Local Record
New level of ball-drop efficiency achieved in Bakken shale play
Summary Summary RapidStart® Initiator CT Sleeve Helps Seneca Resources Pump an Extra Frac Stage
Single toe sleeve increases return on investment
Summary Summary RapidSuite® Multistage Fracturing Completion Systems Activate Almost Two Years after Installation
100% zonal isolation achieved in 17 satges
Summary Summary Halliburton provides more interventionless fracturing stages in ERD wells
An independent oil and gas operator in the Bakken turned to Halliburton to provide a fracturing sleeve system suited for their ERD wells, while also allowing for more possible fracturing stages than had previously been possible.
Summary Summary 12 Swellpacker® Systems Run Successfully in Long Horizontal Well with Severe Dog Legs
Packers run to 5,700 meters inside the horizontal openhole section without any problems
Summary Summary Halliburton Enters Conventional Liner Hanger Market on Sinclair Well
First MatchSet system is successfully installed in highly deviated horizontal application
Summary Summary Illusion® Plug Saves Operator Approximately USD $515,000
Interventionless Solution Allows Multiple Wells to be Placed on Production After Stimulation
Summary Summary Illusion® Dissolvable Frac Plugs Enable Extended Laterals
Extended-Reach Lateral Solution Allows Operator to Gain Greater Access to Reservoir
Summary Summary Permian Basin Operator Saves Time and Money with Enhanced Plug and Perforate Method
An independent oil and gas operator in the area was using the plug and perforate method to complete their well, but wanted to find a way to improve on the efficiency of the operation. By immediately pressure testing each frac plug prior to perforating the target fracturing stages, the operator could eliminate the risk of the fracturing plug not holding pressure and causing a loss of isolation during stimulation.
Summary Summary Award-Winning Halliburton Technologies Combine to Provide Enhanced Wellbore Insight
Unique Packer and Sleeve Solution Enables Record-Setting Success
Summary Summary Advanced Completion Technologies For Thermal Heavy Oil
Improving Efficiency in SAGD Wells
Summary Summary CleanWell® System Technology
CleanWell® System Technology provides a single-trip solution for drill out, cleanout and displacement to efficiently collect and remove more debris than conventional cleanout systems.
Summary Summary The American Oil & Gas Reporter: Multilaterals Hold Promise For Shales
American Oil and Gas Reporter Article, July 2017
Summary Summary Liner hanger systems bump up pressure ratings, load capacity - Drilling Contractor July 2014
Increasing fracture pressures, risk profiles push market for ELH, hybrid and wireless tools
Summary Summary ZoneGuard® FP Packers Save Valuable Rig Time and Provide Reliable Zonal Isolation
A major operator in Canada wanted to use multistage stimulation to optimize production in their 8,800 ft openhole horizontal lateral. Well conditions required a completion system that could withstand well temperatures up to 185°F, was robust enough to traverse long 90 degree openhole horizontal lengths, and would have a sealing capability of 10,000 psi differential pressure to effectively isolate zones during fracturing.
Summary Summary Halliburton Shifts to Success in Eastern European Sea
Since 2008, a major operator has been pursuing a highly specialized solution for stimulating their wells in an Eastern European Sea development project. In completing the final wells of their offshore reentry unconventional campaign, the key challenge they faced was finding a viable solution to selectively stimulate multiple independent zones in openhole horizontal applications that were drilled from existing vertical wellbores.
Summary Summary RapidStart® Initiator CT Sleeve Delivers Substantial Time and Money Savings to Argentina Operator Using Delayed Completions
A major operator in Argentina needed to reduce the cost and time associated with its plug and perforate (PnP) completion operations in the Vaca Muerta shale play. The goal was to improve project returns so that the operator could continue developing its acreage.
Summary Summary RapidStart® Initiator CT Sleeve Opens Successfully 32 Months After Installation
Murphy Sees Repeated Reliability in DUC Wells
Summary Summary RapidStage® 50+ system with AccessFrac® service shines in the Bakken
Dozens of applications using AccessFrac service have been successfully performed throughout the Rockies. In the Williston Basin, over 20 jobs performed with RapidStage 50+ sleeves and AccessFrac stimulation services in the past six months have resulted in a minimum of 30% sustained production improvement.
Summary Summary ZoneGuard® SR packers provide reliable isolation during frac job
A customer in Canada wanted to perform a multi-zone frac job to optimize well production. Halliburton proposed using hydraulically set ZoneGuard® SR packers to isolate all 27 zones to achieve the desired zonal isolation and in conjunction with the packers utilize the RapidStage™ sleeves for selectively treating the zones.
Summary Summary Cemented VersaFlex® expandable liner hanger provided superior reliability and saved 24 hours of rig time
A major operator in Australia wanted to install a 4 1/2-in. liner hanger into a 6 1/8-in. openhole wellbore. They knew that once they reached total depth, if the flow rate was unacceptable, the liner hanger would need to be run and cemented in place to enable fracturing operations.
Summary Summary Fas Drill® Ultra Frac Plugs Reduce Time and Difficulty of Millout Operations
Average millout time proves to be 4.5 minutes, less than half of a typical composite plug
Summary Summary Versatile Completion Results in 72% GOR Reduction Without Affecting Oil Production
Halliburton Delivers the Most Reliable, Cost-Effective Completion Over the Competition
Summary Summary Illusion® Frac Plug Helps Operator Save $200,000
All 15 plugs dissolved, removing the need for coiled tubing millout
Summary Summary Swellpacker® system configuration helps increase production exponentially
30 stage openhole completion with three Swellpacker Slip-On systems per interval for a total of 90 located in the horizontal section of teh open hole.
Summary Summary North America: Swell Technology Systems Prevent Well Abandonment for Bakken Field Operator
Swell Technology Systems Prevent Well Abandonment
Summary Summary Illusion® Frac Plugs Help Eliminate Post-Fracturing Treatment Intervention
Operator Saves an estimated $200,000 in completion costs on plug-and-perf operation
Summary Summary New wireline technique for closing RapidShift® sleeves takes less than half the time of conventional methods using coiled tubing
Modified WellTec wireline tractor helps manipulate sleeves and manage reservoir in three wells.
Summary Summary RapidStart® Initiator CT Sleeve Delivers Substantial Time and Money Savings to Argentina Operator Using Delayed Completions-Spanish
A major operator in Argentina needed to reduce the cost and time associated with its plug and perforate (PnP) completion operations in the Vaca Muerta shale play. The goal was to improve project returns so that the operator could continue developing its acreage.
Summary Summary RapidStart® Initiator Sleeves Open Successfully After 10 Months in the Well
How much is your time and investment worth to you?
Summary Summary Illusion® Frac Plug Helps Provide Optimum Zonal Isolation and Regains Full Casing ID Post Stimulation
Operator gains production value of over $51 Million USD
Summary Summary RapidStart® Initiator sleeve beats harsh conditions and opens after 217 days in HPHT Haynesville wellbore
One major operator in the Haynesville approached Halliburton for a viable solution to their challenges on an upcoming multi-well project. The first challenge was the need for a toe sleeve that would work reliably under HPHT conditions. The second challenge was that the toe sleeve would need to be installed as part of the drilling campaign and successfully activated potentially months later when a fracturing crew was available.
Summary Summary RapidStart® Initiator CT sleeve delivers consistent results for operator
A well operator in Wyoming planned to drill unconventional horizontal wells for multistage fracturing operations averaging approximately 11,500 ft measured depth (MD) with a 7,000 ft total vertical depth (TVD). The wells were completed with a 4 ½-in. cemented production casing liner to isolate zones and to help ensure wellbore integrity, prior to plug and perf fracturing operations.
Summary Summary Illusion® Frac Plugs Save Time and Reduce Overall Completion Cost
Halliburton mitigated concerns of reaching total depth in an extended-reach application
Summary Summary RapidStage® ME Sleeves Help Seneca Increase Efficiency in Extended Reach Laterals
In Elk County Pennsylvania, Seneca Resources was looking for ways to further improve completion efficiency, reduce cycle time, and eliminate drill out of their extended reach laterals. They also wanted to improve their average stage count per day.
Summary Summary Record-Setting Lateral Completion Achieved with Obsidian® Plugs
Halliburton and Eclipse Resources set 124 frac plugs averaging 5.3 frac stages per day
Summary Summary Norway: Swellpacker® systems provide isolation for multi-zone completion
An operator planning a deep sidetrack from the mother bore faced the challenge of exiting the 10 3/4-in. liner in the reservoir beyond the challenges of standard multilateral wells:
Summary Summary RapidStart® Initiator CT Sleeves Achieve 100 Percent Sucess Rate, Saving USD 100,000 Per Well
Permian Operator Completes a Full Casing Pressure Test Prior to the Frac Job and Without Intervention
Summary Summary Australia: New Multilateral Window Exit Technology from Halliburton Reduces Installation Time and Helps Operator Save an Estimated $3.3 Million
An operator developing a deepwater field off the Australian NW Shelf required a minimal subsea infrastructure with tight lateral spacing in an environmentally sensitive area.
Summary Summary First RapidStage® completions system deployed in the Eagle Ford Shale saves customer $1 Million
Halliburton customized a unique completion solution for multi-zone interventionless stimulation
Summary Summary Swellpacker® system is used as an anchor to provide torque for liner hanger running tool
A major customer operating in the Norwegian Continental Shelf planned to utilize a traditional completion method on their well. The method required 4 ½-in. tubing hanging inside the 7-in. parent liner with a screen section in the 6-in. hole.
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Hydraulic Latch Landing Collar with Ball Catcher
Plug latching mechanism with ball seat for liner hanger setting
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Tieback Receptacle
High integrity honed sealbores in varying lengths
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Liner Hanger with Integral Liner-Top Packer
Integral liner hanger system for highly deviated or horizontal wells
Summary Summary MatchSet™Setting Sleeve for Liner Hanger
Setting and releasing functionality for liner hanger systems
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Integral Tieback Packer and Tieback Seal Assembly
Liner-top isolation with bi-directional anchoring capability
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Tieback Seal Assembly
Extension of the liner casing string from the tieback receptacle to surface
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Liner-Top Packer
High-performance packer for reliable liner-top seal
Summary Summary VersaStim Expandable Liner Hanger System
Optimized liner hanger configuration for openhole horizontal completions.
Summary Summary MatchSet™ Pocket-Slip Liner Hanger
Protected slips designed for highly deviated or horizontal wells
Summary Summary Williston Basin Operator Drills Through Unconventional Well Curve in 4.9 Hours
Halliburton's Cruzer™ Depth-of-Cut Rolling Element sets basin record in North Dakota.
Summary Summary Усовершенствование долот в процессе непосредственного взаимодействия с заказчиком ( DatCI) позволило сократить срок строительства скважины до 43,5%
Summary Summary DatCISM Process Helps Reduce
MegaForce™ Drill Bits Achieve Record ROP Across Russia’s Permian Region
Summary Summary New GeoTech™ Fixed Cutter Drill Bit cuts further and faster with less wear in Williston Basin
GeoTech™ fixed cutter drill bit was introduced to the application , which reduced the cost per foot for drilling the interval from an offset high of $28.54 to only $20.10 per foot....
Summary Summary Radian® Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Inclination Service
The Radian® azimuthal gamma ray and inclination service provides a cost-effective solution to geosteering challenges.
Summary Summary XBAT™ Azimuthal Sonic and Ultrasonic LWD Service
The XBAT LWD service delivers accurate acoustic measurements in a wide range of formations via sensors and electronics.
Summary Summary 3D Geosteering Enhances Reservoir Understanding in Complex Stratigraphic Environment
The Sperry Drilling “drill-to-produce” solution enabled the operator to accurately placethe well in the sweet spot and extend the lateral section for maximum reservoir contact.
Summary Summary ONGC Reaches TD in Hard and Abrasive Formation 32 Days Ahead of Plan
Sperry Drilling sets new drilling record with Turbopwer™ Turbodrills and matched custom bit engineered solution.
Summary Summary Petroboscan Obtains Real-Time Formation Pressure Data and Extends Production in a Mature Field
Sperry Drilling collaborated with the operator and providedreservoir insight and LWD expertise on reliable formationpressure measurement capabilities using its GeoTap® LWD formation tester service.
Summary Summary Интеллектуальная роторная управляемая система iCruise™
Простой и надежный, интеллектуальный RSS iCruise разработан с использованием самых высоких механических характеристик на рынке, помогая операторам сократить время работы и максимизировать скорость проникновения (ROP) в нетрадиционные, зрелые поля и глубоководные среды.
Summary Summary iCruise™ Intelligent Rotary Steerable System
Simple and rugged, the iCruise intelligent RSS is engineered with some of the highest mechanical specifications on the market, helping operators reduce well time and maximize the rate of penetration (ROP) in unconventionals, mature fields, and deepwater environments.
Summary Summary SentinelCem™ Cement Cures Losses in Iraq Wells
Cement Treatment Saves Operators Millions of Dollars Annually
Summary Summary E&P: Using buoyancy-assisted casing equipment to extend lateral reach
A major challenge in lengthy horizontal or highly deviated wellbores is running the casing string to depth. Drag between the casing string and the formation can often exceed the load capacity of the casing hook, preventing tools from reaching optimal setting depth.
Summary Summary Enhanced QuikRig<sup><small>®</small></sup> Coiled Tubing System
Next generation coiled tubing spread enables faster rig-up, improves efficiency and enhances safety
Summary Summary Slip Interlock System
The unique slip interlock system enables a safer work environment for well intervention operations.
Summary Summary SPECTRUM Real-time Coiled Tubing Services
SPECTRUM Real-time Coiled Tubing Services provides a real-time approach to help maximize well-production performance and the success rates of intervention.
Summary Summary Multistage Stimulation Process Executes a Record Number of Fracture Stages
The majority of the wells in the Eagle Ford are completed using the plug-and-perf method. This method requires a full-wellbore inside diameter to allow the bottomhole assembly (BHA) to reach the desired target depths.
Summary Summary Hydra-JetTM SPT system proves to be an immediate-impact solution for well offshore Mexico
First selective acid stimulation in Latin America with Halliburton self-positioning tool (SPT) in openhole section restarts production and extends well life.
Summary Summary Plug Drill Out Solution in Eagle Ford eliminates short trips
An operators in the Eagle Ford wanted to drill out plugs more efficiently, eliminating short trips. Halliburton's Drill Out Solutions Package from Boots & Coots made it happen.
Summary Summary SPECTRUMSM Diagnostic Service Combines Millout with Cluster Efficiency Analysis in a Single Run
An operator in the Bakken shale play was seeking a solution for milling out plugs in two challenging extended-reach wells and for immediately conducting a post-stimulation review of the cluster efficiency data to identify which perforations were taking fluid.
Summary Summary Slip Interlock System
Enables safey improvements on our hydaulic workover and snubbing units
Summary Summary Innovative perforation technique shifts paradigm and helps production excel
Halliburton’s Hydra-JetSM TS Perforating application overcomes excessive formation damage and boosts anticipated production 313%.
Summary Summary SPECTRUMSM Diagnostic Services Evaluates Fracture Effectiveness Leading to Lower Completions Costs
SPECTRUMSM Diagnostic Services Identifies Improvement in Stimulation Cluster Efficiency
Summary Summary Well cleanout achieved allowing acquisition of high quality production logging data
In the Marcellus Shale, Halliburton’s CoilSweep® Wellbore Cleaning Service accomplishes cleanup allowing acquisition of high quality production logging data.
Summary Summary ACX™ tool identifies low-rate gas leak in production casing, saving Caelus Energy Alaska USD 3 million
Operator avoids costly workover operation by using the ACX™ service
Summary Summary First Halliburton Dynamic Underbalance Perforating Job in Cameroon Achieves Customer’s Goals
Successful performance clears out debris and improves production
Summary Summary Halliburton Helps Increase Oil Production for Kinder Morgan EOR Project
The RMT-3DTM Pulsed-Neutron tool accurately monitors reservoir water, oil, and CO2 volumes
Summary Summary Integrated Reservoir Characterization Helps Resolve Critical Rock Properties in Highly Heterogeneous Formation
Ingrain’s Digital And Physical Rock Analysis Enhances Understanding of Reservoir Rock Properties Where Conventional Techniques Cannot Resolve
Summary Summary Halliburton CoreVault® RFP System Impacts Economic Decision Making and Reduces Risks
Unique technology helps provide optimum value and return on investment
Summary Summary Operator Refines Rock Typing by Adding Geological Classifications Based on Textures
Digital Rock Analysis Allows for The Quantification Of The Relative Producibility Of Different Rock Textures
Summary Summary Ingrain Helped Quantify Organic Porosity and Predict Estimated Ultimate Recovery Using Cuttings
ZoneID® Calibrated Hydrocarbon Pore Volume Enables Development of Robust Geologic Model Without Pilot Wells or Sidewall Coring
Summary Summary Halliburton Helps Determine Fracture Height for Tecpetrol S.A.
The RMT-I™ Pulsed-Neutron Tool Accurately Helped Assess Unconventional Reservoir Gas Productivity
Summary Summary Halliburton Otis® B Positioning (Shifting) Tool
The Halliburton Otis® B Positioning (Shifting) Tool is designed to move the inner sleeve to its open or closed position in the type XA, RA, XO, and XD Halliburton Otis® Sliding Side-Door® circulating sleeve.
Summary Summary Target Detection System Service
Accurately locates external casing equipment
Summary Summary Xaminer® Sonic Imager Service
Crossed-Dipole Sonic Tool with four monopoles delivers high-resolution elastic properties for improved seismic processing and geomechanics
Summary Summary Halliburton Introduces Vertical Stress-Oriented Perforating Solution in Large Middle East Gas Field
New vertical stress-oriented perforating method optimizes production
Summary Summary CAST-XRT™ Cement Evaluation Tool
The Circumferential Acoustic Scanning Tool-Extended-Range Total (CAST-XRT) Cement Evaluation Tool represents the latest development in well integrity diagnostics in harsh well environments. This technology is designed to evaluate cement and pipe integrity in challenging environments, with the capability to evaluate a range of casing thicknesses in light to very heavy muds.
Summary Summary FiberVSP™ Service Acquires Quality VSP Data in Significantly Less Time than Conventional VSP
A FiberVSP™ service was run simultaneously with a Halliburton reservoir monitoring operation via a SPECTRUM® Real-Time CT unit resulting in quality data in significantly less time than conventional VSP.
Summary Summary Well Integrity Management
Maintaining production while mitigating risk
Summary Summary Integrated Completions
Delivering Better Wells, Easier and Faster
Summary Summary MaxFire Electronic Firing Systems
Flexiability and reliability for challenging and complex wells
Summary Summary Flexible Solutions for Electric Line and Slickline
Combining the Largest Slickline Company in the World with Leading Cased Hole and Perforating Technologies
Summary Summary UltraSlim™ Logging Services
Halliburton’s new UltraSlim™ logging service delivers the same, high-quality data you would expect to get from full-size tools.
Summary Summary Improving the Recovery of Your Well
Delivering the lowest cost per BOE
Summary Summary Slickline Services for Challenging Environments
Slickline Capabilities Brochure
Summary Summary ICE Core Technologies in East Africa
In East Africa, an offshore, dry gas reservoir proved that Halliburton’s new ICE Core technology could provide lab-quality analysis downhole
Summary Summary Precise formation evaluation of complex mineralogies in shale gas plays
Halliburton’s GEM™ elemental analysis tool provides superior results to competitor’s tool in shale gas market
Summary Summary Operators Maximize Economic Value of Their Assets with CoreVault® System
Regional collaboration enables better planning for Drilling, production, and completion of Unconventionals
Summary Summary ICE Core® In-situ Downhole Fluid Analyses Enhances Reservoir Characterization
Consistent Sampling Increases Confidence For Field Development Decision Making
Summary Summary New CoreVault® system helps operator confirm 2.5X more gas in place than expected
New technology improves targeting, reduces costs, and keeps samples under pressure so hydrocarbons can be accurately measured.
Summary Summary Finding Success on the Over-Mature Fringes of Organic Shale Plays
Halliburton Corevault® RFP System and XMR™ Serviceaccurately assessed the field's geologic trend forinformed field planning.
Summary Summary Precise formation evaluation of complex mineralogies in shale gas plays - Chinese
Halliburton’s GEM™ elemental analysis tool provides superior results to competitor’s tool in shale gas market
Summary Summary Halliburton DPU® Actuated Tubing Perforator helps operator improve safety, logistics and costs
Attachment to downhole power unit helps large Middle East operator successfully perforate tubing in more than 300 wells without explosives.
Summary Summary High-temperature drilling and completions in the Haynesville Shale
Continuous improvements helped oil company double production from high-temperature wells
Summary Summary Plug and perf operations address steep lateral incline - Chinese
Halliburton succeeds where competitors failed on pump-down plug and perforating operations in the Jiaoshiba shale play
Summary Summary Plug and perf operations address steep lateral incline
Halliburton succeeds where competitors failed on pump-down plug and perforating operations in the Jiaoshiba shale play
Summary Summary Halliburton Advanced Cement Evaluation service saved operator $1.2 million and 16 days of rig time.
Unique log analysis service can distinguish between lightweight cement and fluids, eliminating need for cement squeezes caused by uncertainty.
Summary Summary Obtaining laboratory-quality fluid analysis downhole
In East Africa, an offshore, dry gas reservoir proved that Halliburton’s new ICE Core™ technology could provide lab-quality analysis downhole.
Summary Summary Halliburton helped company optimize production with horizontal logging technology
Halliburton provided accurate, real-time production logging service for horizontal wells
Summary Summary MaxFire™ SL Electronic Firing System
The Halliburton MaxFire™ SL Electronic Firing system has numerous built-in safety features, which enable explosive tools to be deployed and initiated on slickline, coil tubing, or jointed pipe.
Summary Summary DPU®-Actuated Tubing Perforator
The Halliburton Downhole Power Unit (DPU®) -actuated Tubing Perforator offers a nonexplosive, cost-effective solution to create a single perforation hole in tubing or casing
Summary Summary Advanced Measurement System (AMS)
The Halliburton Advanced Measurement System (AMS) for slickline and cased-hole logging provides unsurpassed wireline depth measurement and data storage for job log summaries, downhole memory logging, and wire management.
Summary Summary Borehole Compensated Sonic Array Tool (B-SAT)
Halliburton Wireline and Perforating Services' Borehole Compensated Sonic Array Tool (B-SAT) service integrates two monopole transmitters with an array of five piezoelectric receivers. The full waveform data is digitally recorded permitting advanced data analysis and quality control for waveform amplitude, slowness, and arrival time in both open hole and cased hole applications.
Summary Summary Stoneley Wave Fracture Conductivity Analysis
Sonic waveform analysis of Stoneley-mode arrivals can locate and estimate the conductivity of fractures crossing a borehole. A key feature of the analysis is to discriminate Stoneley responses due solely to conductive fractures by using borehole Stoneley waves recorded by a Xaminer®-level borehole sonic tool.
Summary Summary Releasable Wireline Cable Head (RWCH™ Tool)
The Releasable Wireline Cable Head (RWCH™ tool) has an electrically activated wireline-release system instead of the tension-activated release system of conventional cable heads.
Summary Summary Gamma Telemetry Tool
Gamma Telemetry Tool
Summary Summary Addressable Release Tool (ART)
The Addressable Release Tool (ART) is designed for use in wells where the controllable release of all, or part of, a stuck tool string may be required and/or higher pulling weights would be desirable
Summary Summary Toolpusher™ Logging (TPL) Service
The Toolpusher™ logging service provides a low-risk and cost-effective means to acquire premium-quality wireline logging data in highly deviated and horizontal wells.
Summary Summary FracInsight Service - “Where to Frac”
The Halliburton FracInsightSM service is an unbiased repeatable software tool used to select perforation clusters and frac stage locations, based on the best available data along a horizontal well.
Summary Summary Crossed-Dipole (HTI) Anisotropy Analysis
Sonic crossed-dipole anisotropy analysis—the analysis of shearslownesscharacteristics around the borehole—is modeled in theindustry as a formation with horizontal transverse isotropy (HTI).
Summary Summary Array Laterolog (ALAT) Service
The Halliburton Array Laterolog (ALAT) service provides accurate formation resistivity Rt and resistivity of the flushed zone Rxo, independent of borehole, shoulders, and invasion.
Summary Summary Circumferential Acoustic Scanning Tool-InSite® (CAST-I™) Service
The Circumferential Acoustic Scanning Tool-InSite® (CAST-I™) tool is an ultrasonic tool that provides high-resolution images in cased holes.
Summary Summary UltraSlim™ Logging Tools and Deployment System
Halliburton’s UltraSlimSM logging service delivers the same, high-quality data you would expect to get from full-size tools, but with a much smaller 2.35-in. diameter.
Summary Summary 150 MaxForce®-FRAC
Halliburton’s 150 MaxForce®-FRAC is an engineered charge that addresses perforating for stimulation. The charge is designed to maximize hole-size performance while maintaining entry-hole consistency in the casing, regardless of the gun’s azimuth, orientation, and standoff.
Summary Summary STIM Fracture Efficiency Analysis with Shock Sensing Sub Tool
The industry has embraced StimGun™ technology and is best understood as an engineered job design process that integrates the use of products with PulsFrac™ computer modeling and data acquisition.
Summary Summary Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) Formation Tester
When flexibility and versatility are required, the Halliburton Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) tool collects—in a single deployment—formation pressure, fluid ID, and samples.
Summary Summary Spectral Density Log (SDL™) Tool-Ultrahigh Pressure
The Halliburton Spectral Density Log (SDL™) tool-Ultrahigh Pressure provides superior measurements of the bulk density (ρb) that is critical to accurate determination of formation porosity.
Summary Summary Multifinger Imaging Tool (MIT) Service
Halliburton offers a wide variety of multi-arm calipers that provide highresolution details about the condition of the casing or tubing, including accurate measurements of its internal radius. The MIT tool is available for most casing and tubing sizes.
Summary Summary RMT-3D™ 2 1/8-in. Reservoir Monitor Tool for Oil, Water, and Gas Saturations
The Halliburton Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector™ (RMT-3D™) pulsed-neutron tool solves for water, oil, and gas saturations within reservoirs using three independent measurements (Sigma, CO, and SATG).
Summary Summary Spectral Density Log (SDL™) Tool
The Halliburton LOGIQ® Spectral Density Log (SDL™) tool provides superior measurements of the bulk density (ρb) and borehole-compensated photoelectric factor (Pe) that are critical to accurate determination of formation porosity and lithology.
Summary Summary ACE™ Advanced Cement Evaluation Process
The Halliburton ACE™ advanced cement evaluation process helps provide quick, accurate information concerning cement bond for all standard logging tools and procedures for any type of cement mixtures, including foam, latex, and other complex slurries.
Summary Summary LOGIQ® InSite® Directional Tool (IDT-I)
The IDT-I technology provides accurate information to determine borehole inclination and azimuth. When this information is combined with relative dip and dip azimuth measured by other tools, like dipmeters or multicomponent induction tools, true dip and dip azimuth of the dipping formations can be obtained.
Summary Summary LOGIQ® Compensated Spectral Natural Gamma Ray (CSNG™)
The LOGIQ® CSNG™ tool measures the entire gamma ray spectrum, from 0 to 3,000 keV. The tool uses special borehole compensation techniques to provide the industry's most precise and accurate logs of potassium, uranium, and thorium concentrations. Measurement precision curves and tool diagnostics help validate logging data in the formation. A unique, patented low atomic number tool case enables gamma rays to be measured for accurate data retrieval in cased or open hole environments.
Summary Summary MRIL-XL™ Service Delivers Superior NMR Logging
The Halliburton DeepSuite™ MRIL®-XL and MRIL®-XL services provide nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) fluid-filled porosity, which is mineralogy independent.
Summary Summary 210 MaxForce®-FRAC
The charge is designed to maximize hole size performance while maintaining entry hole consistency in the casing regardless of the gun’s azimuth orientation and standoff.
Summary Summary AutoDip™ and TrendSetter™ Services
Halliburton AutoDip™ and TrendSetter™ services automate dip and dip trend analysis of electrical micro-imaging borehole data.
Summary Summary Ascend Proprietary Blend of Surfactants Helps Boost Wolfcamp Well Productivity
A major operator was drilling unconventional wells in the Wolfcamp Shale play in Reagan County, Texas where hydraulic fracturing is required to enhance oil and gas recovery. Fracturing fluids utilized in hydraulic fracturing treatments often incorporate surfactant chemistry in order to lower surface tension and capillary pressure so that potentially trapped hydrocarbons can be more readily produced to surface.
Summary Summary Starting Multi-Chem Scale Control Program at Completion Reduces Workover Costs
A producer in the Rocky Mountains requested a cost-effective scale inhibitor be added to the completion fluid to prevent downhole scale formation in the early stages of the well’s life.
Summary Summary Combination Multi-Chem Biocide System Used to Cost-Effectively Save 650,000 Gallons of Water for Re-Use
An operator located in Wheeler, Texas encountered a sudden, emergency bridge plug leak, forcing them to postpone an imminent fracturing treatment for one month during repairs. This unforeseen delay meant that the ready-to-go frac water would be left standing for approximately 30 days in 31 frac tanks on location.
Summary Summary Bakken Operator Reduces Water Injection by 76%
Multi-Chem worked with a Bakken operator to address a severe salt deposition issue. After relying on high volume fresh water continuous treatments to maintain normal production, a patented halite control product, MX 2-3875, was introduced to control salt precipitation and reduce the required fresh water volumes.
Summary Summary Innovative FRACProcessSM Service Customizes Chemical Dosage to Optimize Friction Reducer Performance
Friction reducers (FRs) are critical to certain unconventional well operations; in particular, slickwater hydraulic fracturing and coiled tubing stimulation applications, where chemicals are added to water to increase fluid flow. When performing a hydraulic fracturing job, operators typically make assumptions about the wellsite’s water quality through direct measurement or approximation via historical data, and then select a FR that will perform through the worst-quality water they expect to encounter.
Summary Summary InnerVue™ WellSuite Diagnostics Accurately Detects Restrictions in Horizontal Well
A multiphase producing well in Vaca Muerta field in the Neuquen province of Argentina was producing sand from a perforated zone in the well’s horizontal section. After about six months of production, the sand was causing a partial blockage in the wellbore and responsible for production inefficiencies.
Summary Summary FiberSight™ Cables
Summary Summary Well Control Audits
Our audits are a structured process of collecting independent information on the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of the total system and developing plans for corrective action.
Summary Summary UltraSlim™ Logging Services
Halliburton now offers a suite of UltraSlim™ logging tools with an outside diameter of 2.35 inches. These tools provide the accuracy of traditional wireline logging, but are designed to be deployed through drill pipe.
Summary Summary Reservoir Insight
Landing Page
Summary Summary Pipe-Integrity
Pipe Integrity landing page
Summary Summary Perforating Shaped Charges
Perforating shaped charges are used in more than 95% of the cased and perforated completions.
Summary Summary The Advanced Perforating Flow Laboratory
The Advanced Perforating Flow Laboratory at Halliburton's Jet Research Center is an industry leader in perforating system research, development and test programs.
Summary Summary MaxForce® Flow System
The increased flow area of the 6 ¾-in. 18 spf Big Hole MaxForce® Flow system enhances both conventional and flux-based completion approaches.
Summary Summary Well-Flow-Diagnostics
Landing page
Summary Summary Well Assurance
Landing page
Summary Summary Wireline Intervention
All wells require intervention at some time in their productive life. Halliburton’s expertise and technology enables us to provide innovative and effective well intervention solutions on multiple conveyances.
Summary Summary MaxFire™ Electronic Firing System
Halliburton now offers the MaxFire™ electronic firing system, an ultrahigh-pressure 40,000-psi (276-MPa), fully programmableelectronic firing system. This unmatched technology is alsocapable of low pressure-cycle operation, and allows for immediateor delayed detonation.
Summary Summary DrillGun™ Perforating System
Drillable perforating system that providesreliable, quality performance whilelowering overall wellsite costs.
Summary Summary Tubing Conveyed Perforatng
Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) is important to sand control completions. Halliburton's TCP system not only saves costly rig time, but can be configured to meet the customer’s completion objectives.
Summary Summary Perforating
Halliburton Perforating Services maintains an unequalled success and safety record while continuously developing and introducing new and innovative products for tubing conveyed perforating and wireline perforating.
Summary Summary Reservoir Monitor Tool 3-Detector (RMT-3D™) Tool
Find, analyze, and monitor to increase production. Our 2⅛-in. Reservoir Monitoring Tool 3-Detector (RMT-3D™) pulsed-neutron service solves for water, oil, and gas saturations in reservoirs using three independent measurements of sigma, carbon-oxygen, and saturation gate (SATG). We can uniquely solve your reservoir’s most complex saturation profiles and fluid types—all while eliminating phase-saturation interdependency.
Summary Summary DPU®-Actuated Tubing Perforator
The Halliburton Downhole Power Unit (DPU®) -actuated Tubing Perforator offers a nonexplosive, cost-effective solution to create a single perforation hole in tubing or casing.
Summary Summary Cased-Hole Evaluation
With over 76 years of cased hole logging experience, Halliburton is qualified to solve all your cased-hole challenges. We offer cement evaluation, reservoir monitoring, perforating, pipe recovery, casing evaluation and mechanical needs products and services.
Summary Summary Pump-Down Visualization service and Mono-Conductor Tension Device
Pump-Down Visualization service and Mono-Conductor Tension Device help navigate torturous well paths confidently with real-time feedback
Summary Summary Mono Conductor Tension Device
Designed to operate with perforating guns or other explosive services, Halliburton’s Mono-Conductor Tension Device (MCTD) provides downhole tension measurements at the cablehead for improved operational control.
Summary Summary Nuclear Logging
Nuclear tools measure the interactions between radiation emitted from logging tools and the formation, as well as naturally occurring radiation
Summary Summary ACRt™ Array Compensated Resistivity Tool Family
The ACRt™ array compensated resistivity tool system represents the latest thinking in conventional array induction technology
Summary Summary LOGIQ® Openhole Logging Platform
Halliburtons breakthrough design for openhole logging platform and cased-hole logging. PC-based surface system brings new capabilities and ergonomics to wellsite workstations.
Summary Summary ShaleXpertSM Integrated Analysis Solution
Advanced Source Rock Reservoir Analysis Solution. Engineers and geoscientists need petrophysical solutions that will define the most optimum techniques to deliver most shale gas and oil to the market. Halliburton ShaleXpert new integrated analysis solution, based on a calibrated workflow for organic shales, can bring all the pieces together.
Summary Summary FracInsight® Analysis
The Halliburton FracInsight® Analysis is an unbiased repeatablesoftware tool used to select perforation clusters and frac stagelocations, based on the best available data along a horizontal well.
Summary Summary TightGasXpert℠ Interpretation Service
Advanced Tight Gas Reservoir Analysis. Since unconventional tight gas sands demonstrate much higher matrix permeability than organic source rocks, a tailored asset solution also exists to both optimize and predict fracture flow performance from these reservoirs.
Summary Summary Pump Down Visualization (PDV)
Pump-Down Visualization software displays the position of the guns in relation to the well directional survey supplied by the operator
Summary Summary Xaminer® Sonic Imager
Our Xaminer® Sonic Imager (XSI) service provides high-fidelity data via its quiet tool design, hybrid onboard memory and real-time wireline telemetry data paths, and advanced processing capabilities. The state-of-the-art design enables characterization of seismic properties, geomechanics, and completion needs in a wide range of reservoirs.
Summary Summary Modeling
Halliburton perforating modeling offers an engineered approach that improves operator understanding of what’s going on downhole
Summary Summary Gun Systems
Halliburton's line of high pressure gun systems ensures that perforating high pressure wells is not a concern.
Summary Summary Formation Testing
Reservoir Testing and Fluid Sampling can provide key information to determine reservoir volume, expected production of formation, type and composition of movable fluids. These formation testing methods have been proven cost-effective with minimal contamination.
Summary Summary Rotary Sidewall Coring (RSCT™) Tool
Acquires up to 60 core samples in a single run, providing undistorted samples for a range of petrophysical testing and analysis, free of micro-fractures typical in percussion cores.
Summary Summary Hostile Sequential Formation Tester (HSFT-II™) Tool
Our Hostile Sequential Formation Tester (HSFT-IITM) tool delivers sizzling performance in extreme temperatures. This tester acquires formation pressure data and fluid samples under extreme conditions—up to 450°F (232°C), 30,000 psi, and in boreholes as small as 4 in. in diameter.