Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Performance & Service Quality

Service quality fuels efficiency

Deepwater oil and gas exploration is characterized by increasing water depths and distances to shore along with more sensitive ecosystems and more complex reservoir development, drilling executions, and completions installations. These constraints, combined with the enormous investments required, mean that new technologies are needed to make these assets viable and cost-effective. 

Unsafe operations undermine and jeopardize efficiency. There can be no efficiency without putting safety first. That's why a critical component of the Halliburton deepwater solution is the ability to deliver consistent health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance in combination with operational excellence.

We live and breathe a safety culture built on proactive HSE programs. We continue to concentrate our efforts on eliminating all HSE incidents. Our goal is to be the safest service provider in the industry, helping you produce energy at the lowest cost possible per barrel.

Sustainability is an integral part of Halliburton business strategy in deep water as well as onshore, and is a key driver in the company’s business activities. Innovative technologies and operational expertise enable the company to minimize its environmental impact and successfully manage the inherent risk and challenges of deep water development.

As projects move into deeper water, farther from shore, reliable equipment, and precise execution are the keys to minimizing downtime and maximizing production. Equipment must function properly the first time and every time. No one can afford to have a rig costing a million dollars per day waiting on a small but critical part. Likewise, with wells exceeding 30,000 ft, no one can afford to trip out of the hole to replace a tool that didn’t perform as expected.

Achieving the Halliburton goal of ZERO--zero safety incidents, zero environmental incidents and zero nonproductive time (NPT) are one of the most important contributions the company can make to Deepwater developments. This goal has been achieved in several business lines and locations around the globe. The Halliburton mission is to make these outstanding examples of health, safety and environmental (HSE) and Service Quality (SQ) excellence repeatable across business lines.

Every aspect of the operation is critical. Decisions made in one phase of a well’s life cycle can create consequences in other phases, years later. With one of the broadest portfolios in the industry, you can count on Halliburton for insight into the entire lifecycle of a project, from well planning and drilling through completion and production—including plugging and abandonment.