Manage High Completion Costs


How can West Africa’s high completion cost, deepwater wells be cost effectively completed while mitigating risk and improving net present value (NPV)?


Opportunities are abundant in deepwater West Africa, but high completion costs often caused by the lack of local infrastructure and elevated rig expenses can sideline a project. As a result, completing wells in these soft and unconsolidated deepwater formations can be expensive.

Operators here are placing more emphasis on well design and completion with a focus on reducing trips and optimizing time. Frac packing multiple zones in fewer trips can reduce rig time, resulting in lower costs and improved reservoir producibility. When frac-packing long, unconsolidated producing intervals, operators should seek higher performance tools that reduce completion costs and completion risk.

Halliburton’s specialized tools combine the fracture-treating and gravel-packing processes into a single tool system. This system requires only one trip into the well, an essential part of the well-construction process for these ultra-deepwater wells. The most robust multi-zone solution available, the Halliburton system offers the industry’s highest frac rating and greatest proppant volume. Halliburton’s multi-zone gravel-pack system allows multiple frac-pack intervals to be completed in a single trip of the work string. It also enables a very aggressive frac pack with rates up to 45 barrels per minute and a proppant volume of 400,000 lb of 16/30 HSP per interval for up to five intervals.

Investing in subsurface modeling can create comprehensive, fit-for-purpose pumping and perforation strategies that can prevent costly problems later in the project. Halliburton’s software evaluation packages can determine the dynamic pressure behavior during the perforation event, helping achieve necessary bottomhole treatment pressure while securing the most benefit from perforating operations. This software can also be utilized to determine whether potential problems can lead to costly and catastrophic conditions.

Halliburton provides cost-effective approaches to fracturing, pinpoint stimulation, acidizing/near-wellbore cleanout, conductivity endurance and water management.

Because these West Africa wells have high bottomhole pressures and fracturing gradients, surface treating pressures start to approach the safe working limits of conventional pumping equipment and surface treating lines. Our fluid solutions prevent this problem, enabling us to use conventional pumping and surface equipment, saving the customer time and money. The results are optimized frac-pack treatments and savings on rig time and fluids.