Control of Well Insurance Program

No one is better prepared to deliver a prevention, response and restoration program than Boots & Coots

Initiated in 1997, the WELLSURE® Program is the product of a special alliance between Boots & Coots Services, Global Special Risks, a leading international Managing General Agent, and Underwriters at Lloyd's of London. The result is a unique bundled package that includes a full range of Boots & Coots' well control prevention and post-response services as part of clients' OEE insurance package.

Boots & Coots Services is the alliance service partner responsible for delivering a non-intrusive risk management program to our clients. Our services are designed to alleviate the burden of emergency response and achieve cost management and control for all involved parties. As our company is recognized as a leader in blowout control and emergency response is our heritage, no one is better prepared to deliver a prevention, response and restoration program than Boots & Coots.

Critical Well Control Services

For WELLSURE® clients who find themselves in an operational risk or pressure control situation, Boots & Coots will, at no charge for the first 48 hours, dispatch a well control specialist or engineer to the wellsite. The engineer or well control specialist will act as an advisor to the operator doing the work to control the problem and to prevent an escalation into a blowout situation.

Under the WELLSURE® Program, Boots & Coots has the expertise to provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Drilling transition zones and managing pressure control situations
  • Dealing with loss of circulation material and gunk squeezing
  • Stripping drill pipe under pressure
  • Freezing and hot tapping
  • Running or pulling pipe with minimal trip margin
  • Setting barite plugs or weighted pills to control pressured gas or water zones

With these services, the operator remains in complete control, and the Boots & Coots representative provides onsite technical support.

Well Plan Review

This is an engineering analysis of the mechanical design and operational drilling plan for any well that meets the definition of ‘critical well' according to the control of well insurance policy.

The primary purpose of the Well Plan Review is to provide the company's engineering operations group with reasonable suggestions to prevent well control issues and a report to certify the drilling plan conforms to accepted industry practices.

WELLSURE® customers also have access to the full suite of Boots & Coots audit services including:

  • Well Control Readiness Audit
  • Wellhead Audit
  • Well Control Proficiency Assessment
  • Frac Audit
  • Hydraulic Workover-Completion Audit
  • Coiled Tubing Audit
  • Snubbing Audit
  • Flowback Audit
  • Wireline Audit
  • Offshore Audit
  • Jack-Up Audit
  • Third Party OEM Witnessing

Equally important, WELLSURE® provides invoice processing with the "pay-on-behalf-of" provision in the event of a blowout. These benefits are included in the WELLSURE® policy at no additional out-of-pocket cost to the operator.

For more information about the WELLSURE® program, please contact Global Special Risks at or call 713-952-2774.

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