Kick Tolerance Analysis

Rapid dynamic multiphase modeling provides accurate operational analysis for optimal decision-making

Dynamic Kick Tolerance is one of the important factors considered during well design, which evaluates the casing seat design, wellbore integrity while circulating a kick, and surface condition during well control incidents. Currently Boots & Coots uses Drillbench™ for dynamic kill analysis.

Drillbench is a software suite for performing dynamic kick tolerance. The simulator can assist in the design, evaluation of the well program, and for investigating well control incidents. The software allows for gas solubility in the drilling fluid and calculates the percentage of gas in the wellbore during the well control incident.

The software provides numerous output data which can be used for detail analysis by experts. For general kick tolerance pit gain, pressure at the shoe, pressure at the choke, free and dissolved gas profile are monitored to determine whether the kick could be circulated out of the well safely.

General output of the software includes, pit gain, pump pressure, free gas and dissolved gas profile, pressure at the casing shoe, gas rate out of the wellbore, and choke pressure.

Drillbench Kick provides other outputs which could be used for evaluating the kick tolerance handling capability of the rig equipment; however, for contingency planning more detailed evaluation is required. The result of the simulation and sensitivity analyses can be used as a general tool to evaluate the drilling program and post-evaluation of the well control incidents.