Global Rapid Intervention Package (GRIP℠)

A step change in subsea response by providing the most rapid response possible


In the event of a subsea loss of source control, response activity and equipment will often include equipment consisting of a very large and unwieldy BOP Capping Stack system. However, these systems are located in a limited number of locations globally where response times to offshore location may vary from 2 weeks to 6 weeks, depending on the location of the incident. Conventional assemblies are dependent upon a specific class of vessel with the capability to deploy these bulky BOP Capping Stacks. Furthermore, compliance with the regulatory requirements governing well control response times pose serious issues in being able to deploy in a timely manner.

The Global Rapid Intervention Package (GRIP℠) not only includes the compact and air-mobile designed Rapid Cap™ plus the air-mobile ‘Top Hat’, but also the necessary manifolds, a variety of debris removal and cutting tools, and wellhead dispersant connectors. Coupled with Boots & Coots’ industry leading Relief Well Service, the development of the Global Rapid Intervention Package (GRIP) demonstrates a step change in subsea response by providing the most rapid response possible.

Complementary Services

To avoid unnecessary costs associated with ‘dedicated equipment’, additional services can be considered for engagement such as Halliburton’s Testing & Subsea (TSS) group to provide and deploy topside flow separation located on a storage vessel or FPSO; TSS separation packages are modular, for rig up onto numerous vessels of opportunity. TSS has a global footprint with standardized flow packages to ‘daisy chain’ for large flow rates.

Following with the ‘non-dedicated’ concept, is the inclusion of accessibility to Halliburton Coiled Tubing services located globally. This group has ‘Dispersant Pumping’ capability and modular units for use on various vessels.

The last component for consideration includes accessibility to Halliburton’s fleet of stimulation vessels for use in the dynamic kill process (if one were to design a kill vessel from scratch, the design would be a stimulation vessel). These have available hydraulic horsepower range of 6,500 to 21,500 hhp and are located in all of the deep water basins.

The advantage of utilizing Halliburton’s TSS, coiled tubing units and stimulation vessels as part of a ‘package’ is to minimize the cost and logistics issues surrounding dedicated equipment. These components are located in easily accessible locations and can be deployed quickly, reducing the transit time to location by weeks. These services are being utilized and operated every day, crewed by highly trained and competent personnel, not by a dedicated crew that only gains experience by performing drills periodically. This package places emphasis on the re-tasking of existing, industry-proven systems.

Global Rapid Intervention Package (GRIP℠)

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