PhenoSeal™ Lost Circulation Material

Control lost circulation and reduce thickening times

PhenoSeal™ lost circulation material can help cement slurries reduce fluid loss to the formation. The material is stable and insoluble in water, does not adversely affect compressive strength, and has a low specific gravity needed to control lost circulation.

Lost-circulation material has density variability. When using PhenoSeal lost circulation material, operators should use standard procedures to verify specific gravity and absolute volume factor on a regular basis.

In addition to controlling lost circulation, PhenoSeal lost circulation material can reduce thickening times. Ammonia, which acts as an accelerator, is released when PhenoSeal material reacts with cement. Operators can slightly increase the retarder concentration to compensate for these shorter thickening times.

Table 1-PhenoSeal lost circulation material - Product Specifications
Part No.
Fine -101307741
Medium -101307742
Bulk Density 25 to 35 lb/ft3
Physical State Flake Specific Gravity 1.30 to 1.55
Color Variable Odor Odorless


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PhenoSealâ„¢ Lost Circulation Material

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