WellLife® III Cementing Service

WellLife® III cementing service is a three-tier solution to help overcome the destabilization of the annular seal in aging wells brought on by continual formation and pressure changes.

Working synergistically, the three technologies that make up WellLife III service helps preserve cement integrity throughout the life of the well.

The catalyst for the WellLife III cementing service is LifeCem™ cement, the newest of Halliburton's Tuned® cement systems. In the presence of hydrocarbons,LifeCem™ cement expands to seal a microannulus or crack in the cement sheath, automatically inhibiting the flow of fluids. The other two technologies that form this three-part solution are the WellLife® service, which provides modeling, analysis, design and delivery of an engineered cementing system; and a secondary barrier using Swellpacker® isolation tool, which is based on proprietary Swell Technology™ systems for long-term zonal isolation integrity.

In combination, all three technologies can prolong the productive life of the well, preserving the integrity of the cement sheath thru:

  • Superior design and delivery
  • Proprietary cement technology
  • Swellable packer technology

WellLife III® Service Process

  • Model cement sheath properties that can withstand the stresses from expected well operations during the well's predicted life cycle using WellLife® or WellLife® Express software.
  • Develop cement formulations to meet the properties, use available database for initial cement system design, confirming mechanical properties as required.
  • Design best practice placement procedures and deliver the engineered cement system.

LifeCem™ and LifeSeal™ Cements

  • Incorporate react and respond components in the chosen cement design

Cement Assurance™ Tool

  • Place Cement Assurance™ tools around the casing string at critical point.

WellLife III Service Value

The destabilization of the cement sheath and the associated loss of zonal isolation in aging wells is an industry-wide challenge. This problem can reduce the productive life of the well, and may require costly remediation and stoppages for repairs that may or may not be successful. Halliburton's WellLife III cementing service delivers value by minimizing this risk. WellLife III service can provide the maximum benefit in wells that may be prone to cement sheath failure, such as high-rate producers, storage wells, deepwater wells, injection wells, thermal recovery wells or high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT) wells. Consider the WellLife III service, when it is critical that the cement sheath last as long as the reserves.