BARADRIL-N® Reservoir Drilling Fluid System

Custom solution for maximum performance
Baroid’s BARADRIL-N® system is a clay-free, acid soluble reservoir drilling fluid designed to help achieve maximum potential production. BARADRIL-N fluid provides effective fluid loss control and reliable wellbore and formation stability. The BARADRIL-N system can be also used for completion and workover operations. BARADRIL-N systems have been used to drill different sandstone and carbonate reservoirs in thousands of wells worldwide.

BARADRIL-N fluids are formulated with freshwater or brine, thermally stable polymers for suspension and filtration control, and sized calcium carbonate bridging particles. BARADRIL-N system has excellent lubrication characteristics for enhanced penetration and consistently demonstrates good fluid loss control and stable rheology.

Easy to prepare, maintain, and clean-up in the field
BARADRIL-N fluids do not require special mixing equipment and the system is easily prepared and maintained in the field. BARADRIL-N system filtercakes do not hinder or slow reservoir clean-up procedures and can be removed with conventional acid treatment or Baroid’s N-FLOW™ system.

BARADRIL-N® Reservoir Drilling Fluid System

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Summary Summary BARADRIL-N Acid Soluble Drill-in Fluid System - Sales Data Sheet
The BARADRIL-N® system is one of the specialized fluid systems within Baroid’s DRIL-N® fluids family. It is specifically formulated and designed for drilling, completion, or workover operations in horizontal and vertical wells.
Summary Summary DRIL-N® Reservoir Drilling Fluids
Baroid’s DRIL-N® clay-free reservoir drilling fluids are designed to minimize formation damage and help achieve maximum production potential.
Summary Summary First deepwater Mediterranean horizontal payzone drilled successfully
First deepwater Mediterranean horizontal payzone drilled successfully 10 days ahead of plan with optimized fluids and modeling
Summary Summary GeoBalance® Barrier Spacer Prevents Commingling of Mud Cap
GeoBalance® Barrier Spacer Prevents Commingling of Mud Cap and BARADRIL-N® System During Trips in Horizontal Wellbore
Summary Summary Drill-in fluid and delayed breaker deliver 104% return permeability
BARADRIL-N® drill-in fluid and N-FLOW™ 408 filter cake breaker help operator maximize productivity in a mature field
Summary Summary BARADRIL-N® system delivers reservoir, replaces formate system
BARADRIL-N® reservoir drill-in fluid (RDF-615) helps operator achieve successful screen installation and save five days of rig time
Summary Summary BARADRIL-N® Reservoir Drilling Fluid Delivers Zero NPT on Field's Longest Lateral
The 7,074-foot (2,156-meter) lateral was drilled successfully with zero NPT, extending 58 percent farther than offset wellbores, with high ROP.
Summary Summary GOM: BARADRIL-N CT fluid yields effective deepwater coiled-tubing cleanout in one circulation
Versatile drill-in fluid replaces high-viscosity sweeps, saving operator time and money
Summary Summary BRINEDRIL-N® and BARADRIL-N® Systems Successfully Drilled Longest Offshore Well on Location
UAE: BRINEDRIL-N and BARADRIL-N Systems Successfully Drilled Longest Offshore Well on Location
Summary Summary Saudi Arabia: Reservoir Drill-In Fluid Minimizes Fluid Invasion and Mitigates Differential Stuck Pipe
Operator faced production challenges on freshly drilled sandstone reservoirs due to plugged sand screens on production, which put the well on workover operations in less than a year. Investigations showed that the water based drill-in fluids previously used in the well allowed fluids and fines to invade the formation and plug the sand screen during production.
Summary Summary Qatar: N-FLOW™ 325 Filter Cake Breaker Helped Operator Stimulate Fishbone Well
The operator wanted to drill and stimulate a multiple branch (“fishbone”) monolayer multilateral well in the Mishrif Formation.
Summary Summary Russia: BARADRIL-N® Drill-In Fluid System Helped Increase Production on Multilateral Horizontal Wells
The challenged invloved increasing production by drilling multilateral horizontal wells in a depleted reservoir with a low pore pressure gradient.
Summary Summary BARADRIL-N® Reservoir Drilling Fluid System
Acid soluble drill-in fluid system carefully designed to minimize formation damage.
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