Minimize rig time associated with displacement, cleaning and filtration
Baroid’s THURO-DISPLACEMENT® system takes an integrated approach to engineered displacements. Combining chemistry and engineering technologies, this system cleans quickly, effectively and safely. Spacer rheology and fluid dynamics help the THURO-DISPLACEMENT system achieve world-class performance. 

Minimize formation damage and waste disposal
Transitioning from drilling to completion operations requires wellbore cleanup and fluid displacement that minimizes formation damage and waste disposal. The THURO-DISPLACEMENT system helps avoid those potential problems by minimizing residual oil and solids contamination; establishing clean, water-wet conditions; maximizing drilling fluid recovery; and promoting reliability of completion equipment. 

Solutions designed to accommodate specific conditions
Based on the conditions of the well, Baroid designs and executes displacement operations specific to your needs. The THURO-DISPLACEMENT system targets the specific mud type and sequentially thins the mud system, forces the mud system out, scrubs the residual contaminants, water-wets and prepares tubulars for completion fluid, and sweeps the contaminants out of the well.

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