Completion Fluids

Customized solutions to maximize production
Producing zones require special care in order to encourage maximum production. Knowing how to interpret the complexities of your reservoir, Baroid completion fluid experts can recommend completion fluids specific to your wellbore conditions that can maximize production.

Engineered fluids that minimize damage to the reservoir
Baroid’s completion fluids are engineered to minimize damage to the reservoir. Through optimization of services, systems, and applications, Baroid’s completion fluids provide high performance wellbore management using innovative technologies. 

Comprehensive portfolio
With a complete suite of completion fluids to choose from, our engineers will customize a solution that works for you. We have solutions to control formation pressure, minimize damage to the production zone, and prepare the well for production. Our completion fluids optimally prepare, repair, clean out, and complete the wellbore.

Completion Fluids

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Summary Summary N-SOLATE® Packer Fluids - Sales Data Sheet
N-SOLATE™ Packer Fluids - Water-Based Solids-Free Insulating Packer Fluids Provide Long-Term Protection Against Heat Transfer & Corrosion
Summary Summary CON DET® - Product Data Sheet
CON DET®, a blend of water soluble anionic surfactants, can be used in fresh or salt water and in low-solids muds as a wetting agent.
Summary Summary BARACOR® 450 - Product Data Sheet
BARACOR® 450 inhibitor is a thiocyanate based inorganic compound used for corrosion protection in solids-free brine packer fluids.
Summary Summary BARAKLEAN® - Product Data Sheet
BARAKLEAN® cleaner is a surfactant solution used for surface cleaning applications. BARAKLEAN can be used to remove water- and oil-based mud residues from pits, tanks, circulating lines and manifolds. BARAKLEAN will remove oil and grease from hard surfaces.
Summary Summary BARAFILM™ - Product Data Sheet
BARAFILM aminated fatty acid can be used to protect drillpipe. BARAFILM inhibitor is used to physically and chemically adsorb on metal thereby wetting and protecting it from hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and oxygen corrosion. BARAFILM inhibitor has been used effectively to protect the metal surface of drill pipe in air, mist, and foam drilling operations.
Summary Summary BARACOR® 700E - Product Data Sheet
Inhibitor blend of phosphate esters is designed to prevent oxygen corrosion in monovalent fluids, in mist or foam drilling applications and in aerated drilling fluids
Summary Summary BROMI-MUL™ - Product Data Sheet
BROMI-MUL™ nonionic surfactant emulsifier is especially designed to emulsify high density brines such as sodium chloride, sodium bromide, calcium chloride, calcium bromide, and zinc bromide into diesel, crude or mineral oils.
Summary Summary BARABRINE® DEFOAM - Product Data Sheet
BARABRINE DEFOAM liquid blend of nonionic surfactants can be used to eliminate foam from water-based drilling fluids and brines.
Summary Summary BARABRINE® SI - Product Data Sheet
BARABRINE SI water-soluble, liquid scale inhibitor is used for the prevention of alkaline earth metal scale deposits.
Summary Summary BARA-PERFLUID™ - Product Data Sheet
Specially formulated fluid loss control pill to minimize water-based completion fluid losses while perforating oil or gas payzones
Summary Summary BARASCAV™ D - Product Data Sheet
BARASCAV™ D, powdered sodium sulfite, effectively scavenges soluble oxygen from water-based drilling fluid systems. BARASCAV D extends the life of organic polymers by eliminating conditions that promote their thermal degradation.
Summary Summary BaraCor® W-476 - Product Data Sheet
BaraCor® W-476 Corrosion Inhibitor Product Data Sheet
Summary Summary BARACOR® 700 - Product Data Sheet
BARACOR 700 inhibitor is a blend of phosphonates and alkyl phosphates specifically designed to prevent oxygen corrosion in monovalent brines, aerated drilling fluids, and air rich drilling fluid systems such as mist or foam drilling applications.
Summary Summary ALDACIDE® G - Product Data Sheet
ALDACIDE® G, a glutaraldehyde solution, is used to control bacteria growth in water-based drilling fluids. ALDACIDE G is recommended for use with systems containing polymers that are readily biodegradable (i.e. starches, biogums, etc.).
Summary Summary BARASCRUB™ - Product Data Sheet
BARASCRUB, a terpene surfactant, is soluble in diesel-based drilling fluids and miscible in mineral oil-based and synthetic-based drilling fluids. BARASCRUB is recommended for removing oil-wet solids from casing prior to displacement with a clear brine completion fluid. BARASCRUB is also effective as a pipe dope remover prior to pumping pipe pickling solutions.
Summary Summary CON DET® E - Product Data Sheet
CON DET® E blend of water soluble anionic surfactants can be used in fresh or salt water and in low-solids drilling fluids as a wetting agent. CON DET E wetting agent is specially formulated to meet North Sea discharge standards.
Summary Summary BARACOR® 95 - Product Data Sheet
BARACOR® 95 liquid amine compound is a highly active inhibitor which combats the effects caused by carbonates and CO2 contamination.
Summary Summary BARASORB® - Product Data Sheet
BARASORB filter aid absorbent is a completion brine filtration additive that can reduce the oil and grease content of completion fluids. Environmental regulations may limit the amount of oil and grease content on fluid discharges in certain regions. Use of BARASORB oil absorbent can help reduce the oil and grease content and thereby reduce environmental risk and disposal costs.
Summary Summary BARA-PERFLUID™ O - Product Data Sheet
Specially formulated fluid loss control pill to minimize oil-based completion fluid losses while perforating oil or gas payzones
Summary Summary BRINEDRIL-VIS™ - Product Data Sheet
BRINEDRIL-VIS™ water-soluble biopolymer exhibiting exceptional shear thinning rheology and suspension properties.
Summary Summary BARASCAV™ L - Product Data Sheet
BARASCAV L is a concentrated solution of ammonium bisulfite. It is a liquid oxygen scavenger recommended for use in drilling fluids and other systems where oxygen is causing corrosion problems.
Summary Summary BARACOR® 100 - Product Data Sheet
BARACOR® 100 inhibitor is a highly active, film-forming, water-dispersible corrosion inhibitor for use in solids-free brines.
Summary Summary Gulf of Mexico: Innovative Use of N-SOLATE® Packer Fluid in Gulf of Mexico Drilling Operation
Innovative Use of N-SOLATE® Packer Fluid in Gulf of Mexico Drilling Operation
Summary Summary LSNAF System Increases Productivity in HPHT Wells
Åsgardfield in the Norwegian Sea is characterized as having high-temperature, high-pressure field with low permeability sandstone.
Summary Summary FLO-CLEAN™ MD - Product Data Sheet
FLO-CLEAN MD polymer is a revolutionary new way to ensure a faster, safer displacement to reduce wellbore cleanup and filtration in non-zinc brines.
Summary Summary FLO-CLEAN™ Z - Product Data Sheet
FLO-CLEAN™ Z polymer is a revolutionary new way to ensure a faster, safer displacement to reduce wellbore cleanup and filtration in zinc brines.
Summary Summary FOAM-ZAPPER™ - Product Data Sheet
FOAM-ZAPPER™ defoamer can be used to reduce or remove surface foam and entrained air in fresh and sea water drilling fluids as well as viscosified brines.
Summary Summary NO-BLOK® Z - Product Data Sheet
NO BLOK® Z non-emulsifer is designed to prevent formation of emulsions between zinc bromide completion brines and crude oil. Formation of emulsions with crude oil can lead to reduced reservoir productivity.
Summary Summary NO-SULF® - Product Data Sheet
NO-SULF blend of zinc compounds is designed to efficiently remove hydrogen sulfide from drilling fluids.
Summary Summary NO BLOK® C - Product Data Sheet
NO BLOK C emulsifier is a unique blend of surface active agents designed to help prevent brine/oil emulsions which can occur during well completion operations.
Summary Summary OXYGON™ Scavenger - Product Data Sheet
OXYGON™ is a non-sulfite oxygen scavenger used to minimize the corrosive effects of soluble oxygen. Dissolved oxygen can be removed from drilling, completion and packer fluids. OXYGON works in conjunction with inhibitors, other scavengers and biocides to minimize corrosion and avoid damage to drilling and completion equipment.
Summary Summary STARCIDE™ - Product Data Sheet
STARCIDE microbiocide solution is used to control bacteria growth in water-based drilling fluids.
Summary Summary PIPESCRUB™ - Product Data Sheet
PIPESCRUB specifically engineered blend of terpene surfactants is designed to remove excess pipe dope prior to pumping pipe pickling solutions.
Summary Summary SOURSCAV™- Product Data Sheet
SOURSCAV water-soluble iron gluconate is in powder/granular form.
Summary Summary PIPESCRUB™ Pipe Dope Remover - Sales Data Sheet
Pipe dope, a grease-based material that may contain metal solids, is applied to threaded tubing and pipe connections to facilitate sealing the connections and to provide lubrication when screwing and unscrewing the connections. Operators take care to specify that minimum amounts of pipe dope are applied because excess amounts can be extruded into the pipe-bore (Figure 1). The exposed material can negatively impact well productivity.
Summary Summary BARASORB® Service - Sales Data Sheet
Onsite Screening and Treatment Services to Help Achieve NPDES Permit Oil and Grease Compliance
Summary Summary NO-BLOK® Non-Emulsifiers - Sales Data Sheet
NO BLOK® non-emulsifiers are mixtures of solvents and surfactants which help to prevent the creation of formation damaging emulsions.
Summary Summary SOURSCAV Zinc-Free H2S Scavenger for Drilling Fluids - Sales Data Sheet
The presence of free hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in drilling fluid can create a severe hazard to rig personnel and others if the highly toxic, flammable gas reaches the surface. Zinc-based H2S scavengers are effective, but can pose an environmental risk. The zinc compound remains on the drilled cuttings and in the residual fluid, where it may become a source of contamination at disposal sites.
Summary Summary Corrosion Protection Additives - Sales Data Sheet
Baroid offers corrosion protection additives to protect steels in a range of brine and temperature environments.
Summary Summary Norway: BaraLube™ W-511 brine lubricant in packer fluid significantly eases friction to facilitate running of upper completion
BaraLube™ W-511 brine lubricant in packer fluid significantly eases friction to facilitate running of upper completion
Summary Summary Corrosion Control Package Reduces Corrosion Rates in Deep Vertical Wells
corrosion control
Summary Summary Argentina: OXYGON™ Oxygen Scavenger Helped Reduce Corrosion in Deep Vertical Wells
A combination of high fluid densities, deep wells and elevated bottom hole temperatures proved to create a corrosive environment for the operator’s rented drillpipe. Although general corrosion was controlled down to very acceptable rates, signs of pitting corrosion were observed on corrosion rings. Pitting corrosion is an extremely localized form of attack which can rapidly perforate metal. Pitting can be far more damaging than general surface corrosion.
Summary Summary BaraGel™ W-602 Cross-Linked Gel System Delivers Deepwater
After pumping an 8-bbl pill, losses stopped completely, saving operator over $400,000
Summary Summary Completion Fluid Services help save operator millions of dollars in Gulf of Mexico
Successful removal of N-Solate® 275 insulating gel leads to estimated savings of US$10-15 million on a deepwater well
Summary Summary Engineered Completion Brine Significantly Reduces Costs in 48-Well P&A Project
Baroid solution expected to save USD 9.5 Million over life of project
Summary Summary Corrosion Control
Corrosion monitoring and treatments for corrosion control depend to some extent on the type of drilling fluid in use and the causes of corrosion. Preventive treatment can help avoid drillstring or casing failure.
Summary Summary THURO-DISPLACEMENT® System
Combining chemistry and engineering technologies, the THURO-DISPLACEMENT® system cleans fluid quickly, effectively and safely.
Summary Summary N-SOLATE Packer Fluid Systems
High performance insulating packer fluids designed to reduce undesired heat flow by controlling both conduction and convection
Summary Summary Packer Fluids
Baroid�s packer fluids provide hydrostatic pressure support to balance formation pressure. Their use can reduce or eliminate differential pressure across the packer, extending packer life and reliability.
Summary Summary Completion Brines
Baroid�s completion brines provide optimal wellbore stability through proper density and chemical compatibility.
Summary Summary Completion Fluids
Completion fluids improve well productivity by reducing damage to the producing zone. During the completion phase, these fluids help prepare, repair, cleanout and complete the wellbore.
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