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The Baroid Webinar Series keeps you up to date on the chemical and mechanical solutions that optimize fluid performance at every stage of drilling and completion. Watch and listen online as a diverse group of fluid experts and thought leaders share ideas on applying solutions on your well — to help you produce more for less.

On-Demand Webinars

How Reservoir Drilling Fluids Can Make or Break Your Production Targets

In today's well economics the focus is on cost reduction and operational efficiency but the ultimate goal is maximizing production. How you construct and complete your well is critical to achieving targeted production rates. Particularly important to meeting these goals is the design of the reservoir fluid system. A customized fluid system will minimize formation damage and lead to success for the life-of-the well.

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Why the Lowest Possible Rheology Fluid Might Not Be the Best Choice for Narrow Margin Drilling

Deepwater wells and wells with depleted zones and histories of fluid losses often have narrow operating windows between the pore pressure and fracture gradient. When drilling in these environments, conventional thinking can lead one to ask for the lowest possible rheology fluid; however, the lowest rheology fluid may not maximize drilling performance and efficiency. Join us to learn how we formulate and test non-aqueous systems to ensure maximum drilling performance in narrow operating windows.

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Solids Control, Cuttings Handling and Treatment Strategies to Improve Drilling Performance and Well Costs

Solids control equipment (SCE) optimization is rarely viewed as being on the critical path. However, a well-designed SCE system can enable fluids to perform at their maximum potential and improve operational efficiency. Downstream of the solids control system, efficient and correctly sized cuttings handling equipment can streamline cuttings transfer and storage operations. Best-matched treatment technologies reduce disposal volumes and can be key to achieving environmental and AFE targets. In this webinar, we will discuss how these processes, especially when designed together, can play a critical role in the success of your projects.

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