Halliburton Foundation

Established in 1965, the Halliburton Foundation is a U.S.-based organization that supports education at all levels and charitable organizations through employee matching gifts and direct grants. Requests for grants in non-U.S. locations should be made directly to the Halliburton office doing business in that part of the world.

Employee Matching Gifts Program
This program includes the matching of U.S. based employee donations on a 2.25:1 basis, up to $20,000 USD annually per employee for accredited junior colleges, colleges and universities. Additionally, U.S.-based employee donations to accredited elementary and secondary schools are matched by the Foundation on a one-for-one basis, up to $500 annually per employee.

Direct Grants
The Halliburton Foundation makes direct donations to U.S.-based elementary and secondary schools and colleges and universities. At its discretion, the Foundation board of trustees also provides a limited number of grants to health and health-related charities. Grant requests are reviewed on a quarterly basis.