Cuttings handling solutions designed for efficiency

We carefully plan each waste management solution according to local conditions to maximize drilling efficiency, ensure sustainability, and meet or exceed safety and environmental regulations. Our experts utilize a variety of standard solutions and advanced BaraStream™ waste handling and transport technologies to deploy the right options to help mitigate risk and reduce waste handling and transportation times.

Environmental Assurance

As environmental regulations continue to tighten, traditional conveyance systems like augers may not be suitable for all operations. We have a full array of blowers and vacuum units that can be substituted to help you limit environmental impact. For the most stringent conditions, we can deploy fully enclosed systems that eliminate the risk of spills or waste exposure to personnel and the environment.

BaraStream™ HCB Tanks being transported
BaraStream™ HCB Tanks being transported

Safe cuttings removal and bulk transport

BaraStream® SV400 systems system can be used to pneumatically transfer cuttings to our proprietary BaraStream™ Honey Comb Base (HCB) tanks, as well as discharge cuttings from the HCB tanks to BaraStream™ Cuttings Transport Tanks (CTT) installed on a transport ship. This unique combination can help reduce or eliminate the need for crane lifts of skips or containers onto a transportation vessel. Our customized solutions can help increase efficiency in bulk transfer of cuttings and reduce personnel risk.

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