Solids and fluid separation for environmental compliance

We understand the increasing rigidity of environmental regulations, and we take pride in offering innovative, reliable, and high-performing solutions to help reduce your waste and liability. When cuttings from oil-based fluid projects exit the shakers, oil content can be in excess of 12%. We can identify the right technologies for your rig to help efficiently reduce waste volumes or lower your oil retained-on-cuttings (ROC) to less than 6.9% for on-site discharge in approved locations. It is not only hydrocarbon residue that can be reduced through the use of a vertical cuttings dryer – the latest direct-drive versions of VCD are highly suitable for reducing water on cuttings by up to 90% and also have improved performance for hydrocarbon removal.

BaraG-Force V71 Vertical Cuttings Dryer
BaraG-Force V71 Vertical Cuttings Dryer

Versatile options for increased efficiency

Every project has unique requirements. A versatile range of cuttings dryers is critical to deliver maximum efficiencies. We have various BaraG-Force® Vertical Cuttings Dryers to satisfy specific requirements, including small footprint applications, high-volume/high-ROP drilling operations, or projects in areas with limited waste management. Regardless of your rig design or location, we can deliver multiple options to help maximize the efficiency of your waste management stream.

Lower cost through lower waste volumes

All of our dryers are designed with the dual purpose of reducing waste volumes and recovering fluids. We can help lower your ROC levels to acceptable discharge limits to reduce or eliminate your waste transportation costs. For zero-discharge environments, the lower oil-on-cuttings means less utilization of expensive off-site treatment or disposal, and recovered fluid can help offset final disposal costs.

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