The Halliburton Board of Directors and our management receive valuable input from all stakeholders regarding our business performance, strategic priorities, and initiatives. In 2022, we engaged in regular discussions guided by our Listen and Respond mainstay principle. The Halliburton website plays an important role in our outreach efforts and our commitment to transparency.


Halliburton’s Board values continuous improvement. We prioritize regular engagement with our shareholders through ongoing, open dialogue that helps us gather valuable feedback and ensures we are aware of investor viewpoints.

To that end, in 2022, independent Board members offered off-season meetings to better understand shareholder priorities and concerns prior to the proxy voting season. We offered to engage with our largest shareholders, as well as several others who had contacted Halliburton. This engagement included offering and participating in in-person sessions. Board members and management conducted meetings with 20 shareholders representing approximately 50% of our shares, and with the two largest proxy advisors, Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS) and Glass Lewis. These included video conferences or in-person meetings with Murry Gerber (Chair of the Compensation Committee) or Robert Malone (Lead Independent Director) and senior management.

The Company distributed our refreshed shareholder presentation to our largest shareholders and others who contacted Halliburton, even if they were unable to participate in a meeting or video call, and offered to follow up with them. 2022 updates to these materials highlighted the most recent available information about our Board oversight and corporate governance; executive compensation program; health, safety, and environment (HSE) performance and strategies; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) performance and strategies; and our approach to the energy mix transition. After receiving these new materials, additional shareholders accepted the offer to meet.

In addition to providing an off-season investor engagement program, we solicited shareholder feedback coincident with annual and quarterly reporting, earnings conference calls, and investor meetings. Halliburton's senior management and Investor Relations team held regular meetings and conference calls with analysts, institutional investors, and ESG rating firms, among others. In 2022, Halliburton participated in 13 sell-side conferences, three non-deal roadshows, and approximately 313 investor meetings that were all part of the Company's ongoing cadence of shareholder outreach.

Our senior management and Directors presented shareholder feedback to the full Board of Directors for discussion. As a result of these engagements and Board consideration of investor feedback, over the last two years we made changes discussed in this report, including enhancements to our Board governance and executive compensation program. For more information about changes to our executive compensation, please visit Chapter G1 on Corporate Governance in this report.


To develop an in-depth understanding of our customers' strategies, priorities, and requirements, our executive leadership, business development team, and product lines regularly engage with customers. By communicating directly with customers at multiple levels, Halliburton gains a thorough understanding of their short- and long-term goals around efficiency, technology, and sustainability. Direct customer feedback is a valued part of the process to align our investments in research and development (R&D) for new products and services and improvements to existing solutions. We continue to collaborate with our customers to provide solutions that maximize their asset value and help reduce their emissions as they transition to a lower- carbon future.


Halliburton's employee population is highly diverse. We know it is essential to the health of our Company and workforce to make sure every employee is cared for and that our workplace is inclusive and welcoming. We maintain a number of activities and initiatives to promote employee care and an inclusive culture, including personal Check-Ins (Halliburton's performance-management process), workshops, townhall meetings, performance feedback, employee resource groups (ERGs), and our biannual Employee Pulse Survey (EPS). These activities and initiatives help us cultivate a workplace in which all of our employees feel their voices are heard.

In particular, Halliburton's biannual EPS is an essential opportunity to listen to employees, and its results provide input about ways we can improve our workplace for all employees. To read more about the results of the 2022 EPS, which yielded a record-high response rate, please refer to Chapter S4 on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in this report.


Halliburton cultivates a resilient, sustainable, and value-creating supply chain to enable us to provide world-class services to our customers. Engaging a diverse mix of local and global suppliers who share and uphold our ethical standards and values is fundamental to this work. We obtain feedback and ensure collaboration with suppliers on important matters such as worker health and safety procedures, human rights compliance, and reduction of environmental impacts. We engage with suppliers through our ESG and sourcing platforms, meetings, workshops, training sessions, and digital platforms.


At Halliburton, we stay engaged with the agencies and regulators responsible for creating and enforcing regulatory standards that protect the environmental, social, and economic fabrics of the countries where Company operations take place. The Halliburton Government Affairs group works with government officials, policymakers, and local operations management teams to educate them about Company technologies and products; provide in-depth information about our business; and collaborate on the issues prioritized by our customers, employees, and other stakeholders. In addition, Halliburton is at times, sought out by government officials and policymakers to share our knowledge and experience on energy-related topics. We also serve as a technology and local content resource for foreign service offices, consulates, and embassies around the world.

Local Communities and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

We engage in a variety of activities to support and promote the economic and social well-being of our communities. We facilitate meetings with community groups, nonprofit organizations, and NGOs to seek a better understanding of their requirements and concerns; give back to our communities by hosting volunteer initiatives focused on education, social services, health and safety, and environmental cleanup and awareness; and facilitate charitable giving to local community organizations through our corporate giving initiatives and charitable foundations.


Good corporate governance plays a vital role in building trust with our shareholders, customers, and employees.



Providing customers with safe, reliable, and efficient products and services is the core of our business.



Our goal is to provide an inclusive, safe, and fulfilling workplace — because our people are at the center of everything we do.