CasingWear™ software is an innovative well engineering application that provides a comprehensive approach to well integrity evaluation using advanced engineering models and accurate data processing.

As the complexity of wells increase, the demand for more reliable and cost-effective well design solutions require innovation and modernization of traditional techniques, including those affecting well integrity. CasingWear Well Integrity Software is integrated within the comprehensive Engineer’s Desktop™ (EDT™) suite, which shares data across all Halliburton Landmark drilling and completions applications to help reduce costs and optimize production across the well construction lifecycle.

CasingWear Modules

Accurate casing wear prediction

CasingWear software helps reduce uncertainties caused by inconsistent application of the casing wear model. Accurate wear prediction is crucial for well integrity to reduce field development costs associated with casing, especially when drilling and completing complex sidetracks, multi-laterals, or long horizontal wells. 

Superior and faster interpretation

The simple user interface provides a simple way to input data and powerful graphical visualization capabilities to help interpret faster and more accurately. The Output-Driven-Input™ methodology identifies required data and provides hyperlinks to the appropriate input panel. The interactive wellbore schematic provides visual feedback throughout.

Accelerate well preparation and enhance well reliability

Accelerate well preparation and enhance well reliability

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