Non-Productive Time (NPT) can cost operators millions every year. Digital Well Operations creates a digital twin, enabling you to monitor well activities against a "live" plan. It leverages automated workflows that allow you to re-engineer your activity program in minutes and enhance your asset management through lessons learned. 


By connecting your entire value chain in real time and leveraging automated workflows, you can optimize your well operations to help reduce costs, enhance production, and increase your overall return on investment. 

Live and connected

Connect the value chain in real time with the first open and integrated well operations solution. 

Deliver to plan

Monitor and update your activity program in real time and optimize your well operation for efficient and cost-effective delivery.

Enhanced asset management

Apply lessons learned today to build better well programs tomorrow and reduce well construction costs.


Why settle for just a drill plan?

Discover an open and integrated solution that connects all phases of your well delivery, in real time.

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Live and connected


Connect all phases of well delivery and leverage an open and integrated suite of software and services to manage operations. 

Deliver to plan

Stay on track

Monitor the implementation of the Digital Well Program® in real time and see updates and adjustments across the value chain as they happen. 

Enhanced asset management

Continuous improvement

Identify and apply lessons learned at any point in the lifecycle to create new best practices to drive efficiency and lower costs. 

Ready to go

Built on open architecture to avoid delays and integration costs. 

Mitigate ILT and NPT

Real-time advisory and monitoring applications provide timely alerts to help mitigate ILT and NPT to help enhance performance. 

Improved risk management

Leverage data analytics to better understand NPT and high-grade risks which can be applied to future well programs, converting learnings into tangible savings. 

Live Plan

Connect well design, activity program, finance, and contracts, along with vendor and service schedules into a single repository, creating a digital twin of well operations. 

Re-engineer in minutes

As the Live Plan is updated, automated workflows run revised engineering models and update the activity program on the fly to relieve the burden on engineers, while optimizing ROP and maximizing trip time. 

Enhanced production

Lessons learned from previous well programs can be applied to yield better results that can help you increase production and ROI across the full lifecycle of the well.


reduction in engineering effort


efficiency gains


performance improvement


reduction in well construction costs

Digital Well Operations Features

Well Operations Monitor

Well Operations Monitor

Provides a virtual window to your rig site and helps optimize your well monitoring and operations reporting with automated processes for safe, efficient, and cost-effective outcomes.

Real-Time Well Engineering

Real-Time Well Engineering

A DecisionSpace® 365 application helps you maximize drilling performance and optimize operational efficiency through collaborative decision making enabled by connected data, predictive insights, holistic 3D visualization and AI-driven event detection.